Do You Love The Delicious Mango?

Today, I will walk you through another popular Asian fruit that I bet, most of you have tasted it and have loved it since then- mango. Mango has the mild fragrance, and sweet sour taste that no one can fall out for it. Continue Reading

What Do You Know About Soursop?

Today, I can’t miss sharing with you one other kind of Asian fruits that you would be amazed- soursop. Have you ever tried soursop? If not, what is soursop? I am sure that you’ve heard this name at some certain one time, seen it as one of the ingredients on a product label or even in […]

Dessert Recipe With Lychee Fruit

Today, I’m going to introduce you one way to enjoy lychee fruit- one typical kind of Asian fruits by making some dessert. This summer dessert can cool down your body and provide your body with a lot of beneficial nutritions.  Continue Reading