Fruit Festivals from West to East Coast

It’s summer time, so it’s time for festival! You may wish to find a place so that you can not only share fun moments with your friends and family but also you can get a chance to taste amazing seasonal fruits. Let me introduce you, my friends, several outstanding and popular festival around the US.Fruit […]

7 benefits of guava juice

7 benefits of guava juice

Guava juice may not be a common juice in the US and you may wonder, what’s good about this juice? Guava juice can give our body with a lot of amazing benefits such as protection against bacterial infections, preventing diarrhea and constipation, etc.So today, we will give you full details of how guava juice is beneficial […]

Diet plan of celebrities- does it really work?

Diet plan of celebrities- does it really work?It is quite common that a new weight-loss trend is always backed by a celebrity. And we usually mention about the healthy diet plan after any party or occasion, i.e. Christmas.But which weight-loss plan is actually effective?The British Nutrition Association (BDA), founded by a number of food and […]

How to cut your fruits in 1 minute

You are having hard time preparing your fruits before cooking or serving? Cutting fruits with tough skin or gently soft flesh can be a real headache to most of us. Before, it took me time just to wash and prepare my fruits. And if I overdo it, the fruits will simply get mushy and soft. […]

9 summer fruits AFW

What are 9 most popular summer fruits?

​Today, I would like to introduce 9 most popular summer fruits. The reason why I call them summer fruits is that they are not only most available during summer time, but also extremely healthy and yummy that no one in your family can hate them. Check it out in my article below. Continue Reading

7 fruits that detox our body afw

7 fruits that best detox our body

What are 7 fruits that best detox our body?It’s summer time in the US! I know that at some places, the temperature reaches up to 110oF. I myself cannot stand this hot weather. The best way to cool down your whole body is to eat enough fruits that can detoxify your body well. These 7 […]

rambutan vs lychee

Rambutan vs Lychee: Which one is your favorite Asian fruit?

Have you heard of rambutan or lychee? Do you know their tastes are fabulous? Rambutan vs lychee are the 2 Asian fruits that are similar yet different. They both are in the same family, have white flesh but their taste and health benefits are amazingly different!Great News: It is the season of rambutan. Go grab it […]

How To Pick Mangosteen

How many times have you tried mangosteen? Have you ever wondered what the right way to pick the sweetest and yummiest mangosteen is? Generally, when picking it from the store, you should care about the size, the shell and even the little flower pattern at the bottom of the fruit. Continue Reading

How To Lose Weight With Pomelo?

Have you heard of pomelo weight loss diet? So you like how pomelo tastes like, now, you start to wonder what it really is to lose weight? And how can you do it?Today, we will talk about it in details with how you should eat them for breakfast, lunch, dinner or snacks. Stay tuned.Pomelo weight loss […]