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Why You Should Really Love Custard Apple

By Jasmine / April 13, 2017

If you follow my blog, you would have a clear mind of what sweetsop is, and where it originally came from. How about its nutritious value? What nutrients are there in this grenade-shaped kind of Asian fruits?


Is Unripe Mango Good For Our Health?

By Jasmine / April 8, 2017

Unripe mangoes are extremely beneficial for your health and bodies. Unfortunately, most of us do not really care or believe in that fact pretty well. No worries, today, what I’m about to say will be everything you need to know.


Bitter Melon: Love It Or Not?

By Jasmine / March 26, 2017

If you have never tried bitter melon before or happen to see it at the grocery store, I think you can start to get and try out some. Because it has a lot of amazing benefits. Let’s find out the benefits of bitter melon, shall we?


Benefits of Pomelo Fruit

By Jasmine / March 12, 2017

Do you know all the benefits of pomelo? Thanks to its strong nutritional value, it is significantly beneficial to our body as below.


How Good Is Mangosteen Fruit?

By Jasmine / March 11, 2017

Are you a fan of mangosteen? Mangosteen is one of the most popular Asian fruits or tropical fruits. And it can help reduce inflammation, strengthen the skin health and the immune system. 


7 fruits for people with diabetes

By Jasmine / September 12, 2016

A healthy lifestyle with good diet, exercise, getting enough sleep, and less stress plays an important role in controlling blood sugar. A diet plan for diabetes should include foods high in nutrients, low in fat, calories and sugar. These are 7 Asian fruits that people with diabetes cannot miss.​

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