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8 vegetable juices to lose weight

Not only strengthening the immune system and digestion, a cup of vegetable juice at least twice a day will help the body burn fat, lose weight and revive the glowing skin.What are those juices to lose weight?How much do you like vegetable juice? If I say that it can help you burn a lot of […]

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Why are frozen bananas yummier?

Why are frozen bananas yummier?Frozen fruits were proved to be healthier than most of processed foods. That’s why many people try hard to find the best blender for frozen fruits to make healthy meals. How about their yumminess?The deliciousness of frozen bananas​Should people with diabetes not eat fruits? How do you eat fruits right?Top 5 […]

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How your favorite fruit can tell who you are?

​How your favorite fruit can tell who you are?Before, we have talked about about benefits of fruits such as those of rambutan vs lychee, pomelo, etc. Let’s have some fun facts with some popular Asian fruits today. Let’s see the kind of fruits you like can really tell who you truly are.Let your favorite fruits […]

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What Do You Know About Soursop?

Today, I can’t miss sharing with you one other kind of Asian fruits that you would be amazed- soursop. Have you ever tried soursop? If not, what is soursop? I am sure that you’ve heard this name at some certain one time, seen it as one of the ingredients on a product label or even in […]

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