How To Lose Weight With Pomelo?

By Jasmine / April 22, 2017

Pomelo can be a good diet for weight loss, it is a good idea to have it in our daily meal. However, what is the right way to eat this Asian fruit that can help us not only lose weight but also stay strong and healthy? 


Pomelo can be one typical source of Asian fruit to lose weight and you can have it for breakfast, lunch and even dinner.

And honestly, I have tried it and lost almost 5lbs in a month. I will show you below what I have done promptly to have a healthy but well-fit body.

Eat pomelo to lose weight effectively

Pomelo is one of the most popular Asian fruits not only in some Asian parts but also in many other countries around the world. It helps provide our body with an extremely rich source of vitamins, especially vitamin C. The vitamin content found in this tropical fruit not only improves our body's resistance but also burns the excessive fat.

But how do I eat this fruit to lose weight effectively?

pomelo fruit

Many people think that if we eat less or may not eat anything but eat grapefruit, the chances of fat reduction will be high. But it is actually non-scientific and risky to our bodies because it will corrode our digestive system, leading to gastric ulcer, other health issues, etc. So, we also need to pay attention to some general rule.

Pomelo contains a lot of fiber that helps promote and enhance digestion. Eating it in accordance with the regime in a long-term helps reduce fat positively.


This is what I never do in the morning: only eat this Asian fruit after breakfast because it will cause you to lose appetite. And I suggest you not skip any meal at all. Instead, after breakfast, eat half of the fruit. It will help you accelerate energy burning and get rid of excess fat without damaging your health.


During lunch you do not necessarily have to consume a lot of calories to your body so you can eat as of your preferences. However, you should limit your intake of fat, and eat more of vegetables - because they are rich in fiber that will help your weight loss process. And finally, do not forget to drink a glass of pomelo juice to lose weight effectively!


pomelo juice

With dinner, you do not need to eat a lot of nutrients, so you should only have lunch moderately. Then, you can eat half a pomelo to purify the body and help reduce fat the best. Or you can treat it as one of delicious Asian fruit drinks.

With these golden rules of eating this Asian fruit on weight loss, you will get a fit and nice body without worrying about health. In fact, this tropical fruit is extremely rich not only in vitamin C, fiber but also in other minerals. And what’s more, the taste is mildly sour and sweet, which I bet, a lot of people may like it as well. Of course, if you can make time for exercises, you can lose weight even faster.

pomelo salad afw

Have you tried making some pomelo salad yet? If not, why not give yourself some time to make it? I'm sure that it would be really refreshing and extremely healthy. ​

And if you don’t feel like eating pomelo every day, you can try other Asian fruits to lose weight which alsohave a lot of nutritional benefits. Fruits cost little but work the best!

I hope to hear good results and feedbacks from you when trying this out.

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