12 fruits and fruit juices that kids can’t resist

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12 fruits that all kids love

Wouldn’t you agree?

Kids have that one problem that always give big headaches to parents: they don’t eat fruits!

But if you give them these fruits, things will be different.

Today, we will give you the 12 fruits and juices that most kids like including apple, citrus fruits, etc.

What are favorite fruits of our children?

Dr. Blanchard of NYU Langone Medical Center once told CBS News that most parents want to offer kids the food they like at early age.


We may already know that kids can also like to try new foods if they try it with their favorite fruits.

The winner of all fruits is apple!

American Academy of Pediatrics used data of 3129 participants in the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) and concluded that apples are kids’ most favorite fruit, which accounts for almost 19% of fruit intake by children and youth aged from 2 to 19.

Many children can combine apple with peanut butter to enhance the level of protein and better their taste.

best favorite fruits for kids

Source: Pixabay

That’s not all.

What are the best juice for kids?

According to the study above, 14.3% daily fruit intake comes from citrus juice including orange juice, pomelo juice, guava juice.

Walk away today with all the benefits of guava juice to strengthen the immune system of your children. 

Followed the citrus juice in the list of fruit intake by kids at the age between 2-19 are apple juice and other fruit juice (10.3% and 9.0%).

Think about it.

Preservatives in store bought juice?

Are you worried that store bought juice may include a lot of preservatives? It is true that some juice has to prolong their shelf lives so adding moderate amount of preservatives into the juice is so common.

If you have that concern and you don’t want your children to try too much of it, you can make your own fruit juice for your kids with the best masticating juicer.

Next favorite fresh fruit to kids is bananas (6.8%). According to NDTV Food, bananas can be a great source for upset stomach because it is easy to digest, it is high in fiber and rich in nutrients like potassium, calcium, etc.

The rest in the list of fresh fruit and juices are melons, fruit salad, citrus fruits, berries, peaches and nectarines, grapes and dried fruits. 14% of fruit intake by children falls to mixed dishes and fruit drinks.

favorite fruits for kids

*Graph provided by American Academy of Pediatrics

The best part.

Parents can set themselves as role models to kids by eating more fruits.

Best juice for weight loss?

best juice for weight loss

Source: JeShoots

For moms, orange juice is also the best juice for weight loss proved by studies of Sao Paulo State University (2016). Orange juice allied to a reduced-calorie diet effectively results in weight loss.

American Academy of Pediatrics also stated that fruits as a snack of kids’ meal can also well encourage the healthy diets of children. For instance, apples can have many benefits as it is one of 8 best fruits to help reduce fever.

But there’s a catch.

Kids may prefer drinking juice to eating whole fruits but it is recommended that they should drink a moderate amount of juice to avoid excess in calorie intake.

You can make variety of foods with these kinds of fruits to help your children eat better.

Above is the list of fruits preferred by your kids. Here’s the easier way that we’ve found to get your kids into eating fruits.  

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