12 fruits to best cure constipation

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Have you seen your children feel annoyed by having constipation? Check out the list of most amazing Asian fruits below.

What are 12 fruits that best cure constipation?


yellow orange fruits for winter

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Orange is a very good fruit for human health and beauty. In addition to providing sufficient nutrients such as C, A, calcium, fiber, it also helps reduce blood sugar and reduce constipation symptoms better. You can give your children orange juice or eat oranges as a snack or dessert.

Making juice can never be easier than having the best masticating juicer at home.


pomelo 12 fruits constipation

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What do you know about pomelo? 

Because of being in the same family with orange, pomelo is also rich in vitamin C and antioxidant. What’s more, it contains lycotene that has anti-cancer effect. It is always good for your child to eat pomelo or drink pomelo juice, both of which work to treat constipation in children.


banana top 6 fruits to increase breast size

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Banana is extremely good for babies and young children in treating effectively the constipation. The reason is that in banana are a lot of potassium, folic acid, vitamin B6, pectin that are extremely good for digestive system.


pear 8 fruits constipation

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Pear is extremely rich in water, along with other substances such as potassium, folate, vitamin C. Like banana, it is essentially good for the digestive system of the baby, thereby helping cure constipation. You can also juice out the pear with the best masticating juicer to help your children enjoy it better.


mploscar apple reduce fever

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Once again, apple is proved to be the ‘golden fruit’ as it is not only one of the top 7 fruits that best detox your body but it also can be very effective in curing the constipation.

How can you feed your child with apples?

Every day you can give her a small piece of apple, depending on her age, you should not eat too much. Even if your child does not have constipation, eating apples also helps a lot in the digestive tract.


couleur how to reduce fever

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Grape is one of the very amazing fruits for our health when it is one of 8 fruits that best help reduce fever. What’s more, it is extremely sweet and juicy. This can easily be the favorite fruit of any child. Grape also contains a lot of fiber, which is very helpful when being used to treat constipation.


raspberry12 fruits constipation

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Raspberry is extremely rich in vitamin C, a nutrient that is especially good for preventing cancer in women. In addition, it has the excellent effect of treating constipation. Luckily, raspberry can be easily found in any grocery store in the US, so be assured to grab some when you shop there.

Mango fruit


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What do you know about mango?

Mango is one of the “super fruits” thanks to its rich nutritional value. In addition to curing visual diseases, improving health, reviving the beauty, mango also helps the digestive system work better.

What’s more likable about mango is its delicious taste. Mom can feed your kids the whole pieces of mango, drink mango juice or mango. However, if you want to process it, it is better to limit the amount of sugar.

Dragon fruit

dragonfruit 12 fruits constipation

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Dragon fruit is one of the most popular medicines, not only for detoxification but also for the great effect of curing constipation.

You can give your child food every day to prevent and cure constipation.


avocado 12 fruits constipation

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Avocado is considered one of the golden fruits for weaning because it contains a lot of nutrients necessary for the baby. Avocado is best known for its healthy fat and fiber content, which definitely helps children get over with constipation.


watermelon 12 fruits constipation

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Considered one of the safest fruits for children with constipation, watermelon is high in fiber, vitamin C and potassium.


tomatoes 12 fruits constipation

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Tomato is not only good for your baby but is also excellent in dealing with constipation.

How can you make baby food with tomato?

First, quickly drop tomato into boiling water and blanch it for a minute, then rinse with filtered water, peel and remove the seeds, chop and then cook it in small pot for 2 minutes.

Last but not least, blend it with a pinch of salt and pour it out into a bowl for your children to eat easily.

Above are the 12 most popular fruits that are best for people and young children who suffer constipation. With these fruits and making the best juice out of the best masticating juicer, you can definitely feel happy for seeing your children sleep and play tight during the day or night.

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