3 Fruits (and Many More) to Reduce Menstrual Pain

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PMS, or Menstrual Pain is truly the nightmare of us girls and women. I totally understand how displeasing it is to suffer from this pain.

During those days, picking the right fruits like avocado actually does you so much help.

So what are those fruits that can ease the menstrual pain?

Every month or 2, we may have experience some fearful words, menstrual pain that hits our lower abdomen. Sometimes, it can be mild. But once it is severe, you can’t even leave your bed. I understand, that’s why I think it’s essential to give you this list of fruits to help you relieve the pain.

Those fruits include avocado, banana, and many more. And let me explain you clearly why they are necessary in our diets during PMS or menstrual pain.

To relieve menstrual pain, eat more avocados

What’s in it that helps you?

avocado fruits to eat during period

If you do not like seafood, there are still other options for providing Omega-3s and other anti-depressants. Avocado is a good choice.

Half an avocado every day will give you enough Omega-3s to overcome the discomfort of dysmenorrhea.

Recommended menu with avocado during period time

If you prefer eating light food that is easy to digest, soup is the great choice. Eating this broccoli and avocado soup can provide you with enough Omega-3s and also calcium, which helps you relieve the pain tension better. It is so easy to make and super healthy. 


Bananas are the must-have to relieve menstrual pain

What’s in banana that can help you?

banana weight loss 1

Bananas are high in potassium and vitamin B6, which reduces water retention and suppresses muscle spasm.

Therefore, if you want to avoid the dysmenorrhea, we girls should eat more bananas. And to be honest, I always try to eat one banana every morning after my breakfast. It is great to start off with a banana because it helps me relieve any pain and get a productive day.


Recommended menu with banana

Make yourself a banana pancake http://allrecipes.com/recipe/20334/banana-pancakes-i/  for an easy breakfast or even a cup of banana smoothie with yogurt. This can not only help your body remove the pain but also feel more refreshed and beautiful inside out.

Is pineapple good for our body during menstrual pain?

What’s in it for you?

pineapple benefits weight loss

Source: stevepb

Many studies emphasized that pineapple is the frequently-used species to treat menstrual disorders around the world. 

Pineapple contains bromelain, an active ingredient that is able to reduce abdominal pain and anti-inflammatory, promote good digestion and prevent cancer cells.

Make this delicious juice with pineapple

You can juice up pineapple with apples, oranges or carrots to drink during your period, they are so juicy, delicious and nutritious for our health.

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nutrihome best masticating juicer 5

It is true that not only fruits but proper foods can also relieve muscle tension.

Let me break down what kind of nutrients your body needs to prevent the pain so you can start looking for those foods during your menstrual pain. And believe me, with these fruits, you can have such a peaceful moment of your monthly routine.

So, what are those necessary nutrients?

First and foremost, it’s calcium.

Calcium is known to ease those muscle pressure, which triggers menstrual spasms.

Eat a lot of greens, in other words, kale and broccoli, and combine low fat milk and yogurts into your daily diet. You already know, milk is the first source we seek for calcium!

We can’t miss Fiber!

Yes, fiber is such a great substance to “soak” all the waste in our liver and easily bring them altogether out of our body. We can find most fiber in brown rice, broccoli, spinach, carrots, kidney beans and so on.

Anti-inflammatory Omega-3 Fatty Acids

As I mentioned above, Omega-3 can help prevent hormone cycling, which in return eases the pain of menstrual cramp.

You may be already familiar with these foods that have plenty of Omega 3 like salmon, flaxseed, and walnuts. So, you can absolutely put these foods into your daily menu during period time.

Vitamin E

A study of 100 young women taking vitamin E has proved that it is an essential supplement to have during the menstrual cramp. 

But here’s the catch.

Vitamin E is not a good dose for people with diabetes and heart diseases. So, you should be careful or consult your doctor to make sure it is appropriate for you.

Just a quick note, best fruits for people with diabetes can be pomelo, plum and pear.

Food that is rich in vitamin E can be almonds, avocado (Once again! Our best fatty fruit), sweet potato, etc.

now vitamin e fruits to eat during period


Lack of magnesium can worsen menstrual issues by a large amount. Therefore, if you can maintain the good level of magnesium in your body, it can decrease the pain of menstrual cramp and make you feel at ease again!

You can find great source of magnesium from avocado (It seems like we find our winner for fruits to treat this cramp!), peanut, and banana.

Other significant nutrients that best decreases the pain can be vitamin B3, zinc, and vitamin B6. So you can also cooperate them with your other foods.

Above are all the good foods that you can enjoy during your menstrual cramp. We all know this cramp can sometimes be very intense to the level that we have to ask for a day leave at work, or ever worse, that we cannot eat anything at all.

So, that’s why I’m glad to give these amazing fruits and other kinds of food to you to help you overcome this more easily.

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Thank you and see you soon!

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