4 drinks to reduce stress

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Office people are all familiar with that one word, ‘Stress’. When the workload is too heavy, have you ever felt like “Why does it happen to me?”, or “No I don’t like it at all!” Yep, that is very common. We call that moment ‘stress’. So, when it happens, have you been wondering what kinds of drink we should have to destress?

Go nowhere because we are about to share it with you.

What are those 4 drinks to help reduce stress?

Chrysanthemum tea

chrysanthemum tea 4 ways to reduce_stress

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Hmm, it may sound difficult to remember its name, but it is hard to forget its taste!

You can enjoy a cup of chrysanthemum tea before bedtime. This tea will help boost glycine, which is an amino acid that increases the ability to control yourself and refresh your mind.

Chrysanthemum tea also increases the concentration of a substance called hippuric acid which helps fight infections. Having a cup of tea after a meal can also help regulate digestive problems such as abdominal pain and constipation - a common symptom for people who are suffering from stress (IBS), said by Dr Stork at Prevention.

Fresh milk

milk 4 ways to reduce stress

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Drinking milk is also a way to help you reduce stress effectively. In milk contains high levels of calcium and vitamin B necessary to develop bones and protect the nerves system. In addition, the amount of protein in milk is responsible for the balance of blood sugar.

So, you should drink milk every day and every time you feel tired or stressed out.

Is milk your favorite drink?

It should be because you can even make a lot of tasty smoothie with milk. And with some blueberries in your smoothie, you definitely will get over stress much easier too.

The University of Reading and Cardiff University in England have compiled results from more than 324 studies around the world on the relationship between milk and human health. Studies showed that drinking over 16 oz (0.5 liters) of milk a day reduces the risk of developing cardiovascular disease by up to 15-20% thanks to its protein, especially casein protein.

This can lower blood pressure and cortisol levels -hormone which increases the secretion when being stressed. This helps the body balance and mentally calm.

Fruit juices

juice 4 ways to reduce stress

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Any sour tasting juice like orange, lemon, etc. ... will be morning surprise of your body!

Many studies have shown that vitamin C can help control stress effectively, by lowering stress hormones such as coritsol. Foods rich in vitamin C such as orange juice, pomelo juice,  guava juice, or sweet red pepper juice can help boost your immune system.

And you had better get the best juice with the best masticating juicer as the juicer will help leave out all the flavorless taste of your drink.

Replace any available carbonated drinks or canned drinks with a cool cup of orange juice. It does not only relax our body, but it also gives the skin a fresh and healthy look.

Purified water or green tea

tea 4 ways to reduce stress

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Water plays an significant role in all body activities. But do you know that it also helps you reduce stress and fatigue effectively?

In addition, you can also choose to drink green tea to reduce stress, because green tea contains strong antioxidants such as polyphenols, catechins and flavonoids, and it has many health benefits. If you feel overwhelmed and stressed, take a break and have a cup of green tea.

Above is the list of all kinds of drink helpful to treat your stress. Believe it or not, it has such amazing effects on your body that you should try them out every single day.

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