5 great benefits of longan

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Has anyone tried longan? Do you know how much great value longan can bring to our body? Check out this article to see those fabulous benefits including boosting our immune system, reducing fatigue, etc.

What are health benefits of longan?

Longan is a popular Asian fruit because of its sweet taste and rich nutrition. In addition, longan has many other great benefits to our health.

Like rambutan vs lychee, longan has extremely pleasant taste. We usually eat it fresh, dried or even cook it in many of our dessert recipes. One other important reason why is its beneficial value to our body.

 Longan is rich in various nutritional value such as protein, natural sugar, vitamins and minerals like vitamin C, B1, PP, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, organic acids,  and so on.

So, how does it help our body?

Longan juice can prevent serious stomach pain

benefits of longan

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According to Dr Health Benefits,  longan juice can treat stomach problems and even dementia. The way to do is that you can pick up longan pulp and juice it with the best masticating juicer to maintain the texture and nutrition, or soak it with little sugar for a few weeks, then take the juice with water and filter gradually.

Longan can reduce fatigue

According to traditional Chinese medicine, dried longan is effective in curing stress, anxiety, fatigue and prevent memory loss. So, walk away today to know one other foods that can help you stay away from fatigue and stress.

It can treat neurological depression

benefits of longan

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As of the world today, depression is very common. Together with other 4 drinks to reduce stress, longan can effectively deal with neurodegeneration, a type of neurological disorders that results from fatigue, sickness, soreness and exhaustion.

Does it help boost immune system?

Are you getting sick easily especially during the winter season? Are you tired of medication to cure your sickness? Here’s an easier way we’ve found to do that. That includes eating longan together with these 8 fruits to best help reduce fever .Why is that?

Longan is extremely rich in vitamin C. To be more specific, in 100g (or 3.5 oz) of longan contains 84 mg (4% of our daily value) of vitamin C. Hence, it helps smoothen beautiful skin, increase the resistance against diseases such as flu, cold, and so on.

What’s more, according to Live Strong, people with a diet rich in vitamin C are less likely to have high blood pressure, heart disease or some types of cancer.

Last but not least, it helps strengthen the joints thanks to…

benefits of longan

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A study in 2013 found that postmenopausal women have low concentrations of minerals such as copper, which are more prone to osteoporosis in later life. As recommended, adults should consume 900 mg of copper per day.

100 g of longan will provide 19% of daily required copper. Meanwhile, 100 g of dried longan contains up to 807 mg of copper, providing 90% of the adult copper should be added to the body every day.

Anyone can eat longan? The answer is no.

Eating too much longan in the summer can increase the heat in your body, which caused you to feel hot and increase the risk of having acne.

It’s not good for anyone with high blood sugar level

Longan contains quite high sugar content, so eating a lot of longan can increase the amount of sugar for the body, causing the weight gain.

Consuming 300 g is equivalent to 1.5 servings of white rice you eat each day.

In addition, eating a lot of longan at once increases blood sugar levels, which are dangerous to health. Therefore, people with diabetes should not or limit eating longan.

Above is how you can improve your health thanks to eating longan.

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