6 Best Fruits For Fever [INFOGRAPHICS]

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Do you know what fruits to eat when you have got fever? Eating fruits can both provide our body with nutritional supplements and get away from the disease.

If you still have questions, do not skip this article because many common fruits can effectively "kill" the fever.

What are the 6 fruits to best help reduce fever?

According to WebMD, people in the US suffer 1 billion colds a year, and more importantly, children get sick 6 up to 10 colds annually. Therefore, to protect our health and that of children, we should be well-prepared in dealing with fever when the fever suddenly comes.

Eating fruits when having fever is also a good way to take care of yourselves, because the abundant vitamin in the fruits will help the body increase immunity and quickly get rid of the symptoms of fever.

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mploscar apple reduce fever

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How can apple be the most favorite fruit for fever?

Apple is not only one of the 7 fruits that best detox your body, it can also help prevent the cell damage, and increase the body resistance thanks to its high content of flavonoids. The amount of antioxidants in apple is equivalent to 1,500 mg of vitamin C, which can effectively help reduce the fever. In addition, folic acid and vitamin B inside the apple also helps prevent heart disease and cancer.

If you still have concern on what fruits to eat when having fever, then choose an apple right away, this not only helps the fever quickly disappear but also help you prevent many diseases.

Even better

The most favorite fruit for our kids is actually apple! So just slice a few piece of apples per day for your kids and they will be glad to get some them from you. 

What are doctors' advice for parents like us? 

It is advisable that you give your children apple juice whenever you have fever, feel like vomiting or nausea. To be more specific, let the stomach rest for 2 hours after vomiting occurs. After that, take sips of apple juice within 12-18 hours. Then, when you children feel better, slowly give them easily digested food like apple sauce.

As if that’s not enough.

Another ‘apple product’ that effectively reduces fever is apple cider vinegar.

fruits to reduce fever

Yep! This yuck smelling food is actually very beneficial for your health!

Apple cider vinegar is a very cheap ingredient to reduce the temperature in your body. The amount of acidity in apple cider vinegar will help decrease fever as body temperature is released through the skin. In addition, apple cider vinegar also provides essential minerals that help the body recover from fever.

apple cider vinegar 2

Or you can make your own apple cider vinegar at home after 4 weeks.

apple cidar vinegar best fruit for fever

Source: Tales of a Kitchen

This is how you make apple cider vinegar drink during fever period.

Stay warm in the bathtub with apple cider vinegar.

Put 100ml of apple cider vinegar in a warm water bathtub and stay in there for 5 to 10 minutes. Only about 20 minutes later, the body temperature will drop. You can continue doing the same thing once the temperature rises again.

You can put apple cider vinegar towel on your forehead.

Make the mixture of apple cider vinegar and water in a ratio of 1: 2 and soak a towel, wipe dry and put the towel on the forehead, abdomen, soles. Change towels often when they have absorbed body temperature until the fever eases.

Or drink apple cider vinegar

Mix 10ml (2 tsp) of apple cider vinegar with 5ml (1 tsp) of honey in a glass of warm water and drink 2 to 3 times a day during the fever.

Without apple cider vinegar, it can be replaced with rice vinegar.

No wonder apple is still one of the best fruits for fever. If you still have concern on what fruits to eat when having fever, then choose an apple right away, this not only helps the fever quickly disappear but also help you prevent many diseases.

Pomelo: The new kind of citrus fruits that help reduce fever

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Source: foursummers

Have you heard of pomelo before

If we talk about which fruit is rich in vitamin C, we cannot miss pomelo. We have heard of many benefits of pomelo, and one of them also is to help reducing fever.

All citrus fruits, such as oranges, lemons, mandarin and pomelo, are rich in vitamin C and nutrients. Pomelo contains natural compounds called limonoids and lycopene, which can lower cholesterol and prevent cancer.

The amount of vitamin C in pomelo increases the number of white blood cells, so it is resistant to cold and fever and reduces the uncomfortable symptoms of the disease.

This fruit is just a wonder of nature!

Why did I say that?

Because it is not only the best fruit to make juice for weight loss, but it also can effectively treat fever.

Many studies showed that this fruit extract is used to make many kinds of medicine to treat cough and fever, especially in Philippines and Southeast Asia

You can't miss this citrus fruit when you're sick!

orange juice best fruits for fever

Another kind of citrus fruits is orange. With several studies, you definitely cannot miss this fruit when you have a fever.

Typhoid fever (TF)  is an illness caused by Salmonella typhi which is a major public health problem in many developing countries. And orange contains a lot of important flavonoids like citacridone, citbrasine, etc. to help cure the fever.

What you can do is

You can rub the fresh peel on acne. The peel oil gives some lethal effect on fleas, fire ants and others due to the amount of limonene.

And as we all know, orange juice is also effective in curing diseases like arthritis, asthma, Alzheimer’s diseases, etc.

How can you make banana tea for fever?

banana top 6 fruits to increase breast size

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When you have a fever, your body needs more calories than you normally do, and bananas will be the fruit that can help you deal with it. A banana contains an average of 105 calories, and a high content of micronutrients, such as potassium, magnesium and natural sugars. This helps you get back energy and health quickly.

What’s more

Your body seems to ache more than regularly. It is also the symptom of lacking magnesium. To make you feel better and more energized, you can drink ‘banana tea’ to instantly provide your body with this nutrient.

How to make banana tea?

It is just a piece of cake!

You can make banana tea by washing the banana thoroughly first and cutting the two heads of the banana.

Boil it in the water together with the peel (Yes! You should keep the peel in this case) for 7-10 minutes.

After that, let the water cool and it’s better to drink it before you go to sleep.

The drink is fragrant with a mildly sweet taste. Bananas contain trytophan, a precursor to melatonin that helps the body relax and regulate sleep. You can then enjoy easy and nice sleep time.

What’s more

Banana sap (the bank of the banana) is believed to have some astringent effects which is the best treatment for various kinds of ailments including fever. And it should be the Cavendish banana, the smaller size compared to regular bananas.

banana best fruits for fever

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How would you do that?

Step 1: You can chop a piece of banana tree, bake on fire for segments between bananas to be cooked.

Step 2: Squeeze the water out of the baked part for the children to drink.

This helps children reduce their fever and prevent from getting into coma or convulsions.

Step 3: Give the children sip little by little several times per day until the fever is gone.

Another benefit of banana is to help you weight loss effective. No wonder many people have gone through ‘banana weight loss diet’ before.

Grape is another fruit that best treats fever

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Source: Couleur via pixabay

Grape is rich in fiber, the nutrients inside the grapes can boost the immune system by increasing the number of gamma and delta T cells in the body. This can in return treat and prevent the fever effectively. Grape also helps prevent cancer, heart disease and increase blood level in your body.

You can use grapes with yogurt or juice to drink in the morning and afternoon. Wouldn’t it be great to have some fruity food both delicious and nutritious like this?

If you won’t be able to eat fresh grape, you can also eat dried grape, also known as raisins.

So, we may have been familiar with raisins, in other words, dried grapes. We usually think that raisins are all about sugar. Is it true?

The real story is

A study from Journal of Food Science indicated that raisins do have a lot of benefits, one of which is to reduce fever. Another great benefit from raisins is to decrease the risk for cardiovascular diseases. After drinking too much medicine while you or your child get fever or any kind of disease, it is the best idea to have raisin juice or tea because it helps your body detox better and cleanse your liver.

How to pick the right type of raisins?

Dark-brown raisins are a great type to help you deal with liver problems.

Do not choose the raisins look bright because they are treated with sulfur dioxide. Moreover, they are dried incorrectly. The chemicals used in grape processing really are not good for health.

How can you make ‘raisin tea’?

Source: Natural Cures

If you’re concerned that you cannot stop yourself from eating too much raisins all at once, it is a great idea to make some raisin tea.

Step 1: Take 1/2 cup raisins and soak in hot water for 15 minutes, then rinse under running tap.

Step 2: Next, put the raisin was washed into the cup and pour boiling water into the same. You can add the amount of water three times that of raisins and let it cool to room temperature. Soak it for 24 hours.

Step 3: After a day of soaking, you can drink this raisin juice, or tea. It is best to drink in the morning when you wake up, when your stomach is empty. Besides, do not forget to eat raisins in the drink.

Step 4: Lie on bed for 1-2 hours, and warm up the right side of your body with a warm towel. You will see clear effects on the liver, the body will get stronger only after 3-4 days.


Once you’re under this medicine, you must not eat snacks or alcoholic beverages.

Watermelon: How good is it as a fruit for fever?

watermelon reduce fever

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Watermelon helps the person stay hydrated and accelerates the process of providing and metabolizing energy in their bodies. It causes the fever to quickly dissipate. Eating a few slices of watermelon after the meal competently helps you control your body heat.

How can your child feel better with watermelon?

Watermelon is one of the best fruits for fever because it is sweet, healthy, moist and is usu ally considered ‘cold food’. Cold food is determined by the fruit attribute. According to old Asian people, they used the attribute of fruits to adjust the inner environment of human body, also known as food treatment.

Let me give you an example

Let’s say you have a cold, then it’s better to eat foods or fruits with hot attributes to increase the temperature of our body again. Those include ginger, garlic, papaya, or grapes.

On the other hand

Watermelon stays in the other group of food attribute which helps the body reduce the temperature or fever.

fresh watermelon juice best fruits for fever

Recipes from Taste.com

In addition, you can feed your children who is 5-11 years old 300-500g (10-17 oz) of watermelon or give them the juice for drinking. For small children, use fruit pulp and white peel (peel off the outer shell) to squeeze water, divided for children to drink during the day.

Want to make a good watermelon juice with the best masticating juicer? It’s time to look for some best masticating juicer to make it.

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The best masticating juicer is good for making juice because it prevents your juice from oxidation and foaming. Therefore, it can keep a lot of nutrition inside your juice. 

Controversial Fruit for Fever: Papaya 

papaya reduce fever

Source: pezibear via pixabay

Papaya is the fruit that is easy to find and very inexpensive, but few know that this is actually the top-ranking fruit in terms of nutritional content. 

In the 3.5oz (100g) of papaya contains about 2.6-2.8oz (74-80mg) of vitamin C, 500-1,250 IU of carotene and many other nutrients such as vitamins B1, B2, potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron and zinc.

This helps speed up the process of producing white blood cells and antibodies, thereby preventing the entry of the virus into the body. Specifically, eating papaya during a fever will help you reduce your illness to 1-2 days.

One of the fever that papaya is known for treating is dengue fever.

It was in the 1950s when severe dengue fever exploded, especially many Asian countries like Thailand or Singapore.Now, it is more common in many Latin and South American countries. Dengue fever is an infection caused by mosquito bites. It can cause the patients to get fever, vomit, and nausea.

Is papaya the best fruit for fever like this?

For centuries, many Asian countries have used papaya, specifically papaya leaves, as natural treatment for fever, especially dengue fever. The study proved that after drinking guava leaf juice for only 40 to 48 hours, the patients in the study group increased a normal platelet count. It is also safer because of less bad effects on other body parts like kidney, heart and liver. 

Another study  tried to prove the same thing but more scientific evidence is still needed to have stronger proof of the benefits of papaya to treat this fever.


best fruits for fever afw

To sum up

As I was born in an Asian country, fruits become a very important part of me.

My mom would also think some fruits can actually reduce fever when we get sick.

Even though papaya leaf holds as a mysterious fruit to treat dengue fever and more research is required, other fruits like watermelon, apple or pomelo have good effects on reducing body temperature.

Those fruits include

  • Apple
  • Pomelo
  • Orange
  • Banana
  • Grape
  • Watermelon

We hope the suggested fruits above will help you answer the question of what are the best fruits for fever and how many choices are available to resolve your condition in the most effective way.

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