6 Reasons to Eat Frozen Fruits

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You’ve been wondering whenever you want to buy the best blender for your frozen fruit if it is a better idea to eat frozen fruits than fresh fruits. Our article today will help you understand better the benefits of frozen fruits.

The good side of frozen fruits

How good are fruits to our bodies?

Many people have raised top 5 concerns of not having fruits. Those include risk of heart disease, risk of cancer, deficiencies for lacking sufficient vitamins, digestive issues for lack of intake fiber, and poor weight management. That’s why many have tried having top 7 fruits for people with diabetes to reduce the risk of increasing blood sugar. Of course, it should be wiser not to adopt Fruitarian diet when you consume 75% of fruits per day. It actually gives you with adverse effects unfortunately.

Why eating frozen fruits?


(Source: NPR.org)

According to ABC News, they mentioned few reasons why we should buy frozen fruit and eventually make delicious smoothies with the best blender for frozen fruit. It is said that many of the healthiest foods in the market are actually kept in the freezers. Here is the reason why.

1. No preservatives

Unlike processed foods that are more and more available in the market, frozen fruits do not require preservatives. Storage of frozen fruits is a completely natural process by reducing the temperature and packaging. This is such good news for anyone who is concerned with high amount of preservatives in food these days.

2. Fresh and nutritious

Unprocessed vegetables and fruits are used in a short period of time, making it difficult to identify the storage time of fruits or vegetables since harvest. One of the benefits of frozen fruits is the short, simple and quick freezing process. Fruits are usually frozen for several hours after harvested to minimize the loss of vitamins and minerals and maintain the nutritional balance of frozen foods.

3. Use in year-round

Your taste is always tempted by the variety of food you eat or seasonally grown food whenever you want. Seasonal frozen foods taste better than off-season foods because fruits get ripe naturally before being frozen. In addition, frozen fruits are also more affordable compared to seasonal fruits.

4. Food safety

The frozen process reduces the number of harmful bacteria that can cause food poisoning. Frozen fruit is actually safe under proper preservation conditions and complies with instructions for defrosting and pre-cooking.

5. Avoid wasting money

frozen fruits kiwi

Frozen food is not only easy to maintain and easy to use but we can also save you a lot of money. For example, when you choose to buy about 15 oz (or 450 grams) of frozen mango, you can use the whole amount of mango for processing. In contrast, if you buy 15 oz (450 grams) of fresh mango, then leave skin and the seed, you only can eat roughly about 8-13oz (230-370 grams) of mango flesh. As we all know, mango is very important to our body thanks to its nutrition and various other benefits.

6. Convenience and flexibility

Frozen fruit is a quick and convenient way to get a nutritious meal for you or for the whole family. Diet planning is much more flexible because frozen foods are often cheaper than fresh foods and can last longer. When you buy the best blender for frozen fruit, you are actually able to make multiple servings for others to also enjoy.

To sum up,

Frozen fruits are actually better than most of processed or raw fruits. So, we can stay relieved enjoying smoothies made of fruits. If you consider buying several best blenders for frozen fruit, here are the few top brands:

1. BESTEK 1500W Smoothie Blender has strong power that can easily blend ice or frozen fruits.

BESTEK 500W Smoothie Blender

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2. Nutri Ninja Auto-iQ Compact Blending System now includes Smooth Boost Technology what will allow you to truly customize your drink-making experience

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3. Ninja Professional Blender with Nutri Ninja Cups (BL660)

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4. Professional Blender 2000W High Speed Electric Total Nutrition Food Processors with 67oz BPA-Free Pitcher for Ice Fruits Vegetables Smoothies Soups

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