7 fruits for people with diabetes

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Are you coping with diabetes? Or are you seeing your beloved ones dealing with it? 

My father once had the symptom of Type 1 Diabetes. 

Medicine helps, but these fruits make it better. 

I will go through the list of amazing fruits that can do wonder to your or your family's health when we have diabetes.

Diabetes causes high blood sugar (glucose) due to lack of insulin production or its improper function.

It is mainly classified into two types. Type 1 diabetes is when the body does not produce insulin, while Type 2 diabetes is when the body cannot properly use the insulin it produces.

 Controlling diabetes is essential because it can lead to a variety of health complications including kidney failure, nerve damage, blindness, heart attack, stroke, poor circulation, loss of hearing and many other issues.

Fruits are generally sweet, so people often think that a person with diabetes should avoid eating them. But there are some fruits especially effective in managing blood glucose levels. With rich content of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and phytonutrients, fruit is healthy addition to any type of diet.

Food with low glycemic index (GI) is said to have the effect of hyperglycemia but does not affect blood sugar levels. Generally, food with GI score of 55 and below is classified as a low GI. Conversely, foods with GI score of 70 or higher is considered to be high. 

The fruits below can surely have GI score of lower than 55. Check it out. 

7 Asian fruits that people with diabetes cannot miss

Apple: How can it good for people with diabetes?

apple best fruits for people with diabetes

Crispy and juicy apples can actually help protect against diabetes. Apples are rich in soluble fiber, vitamin C and antioxidants. They also contain pectin, which helps detoxify the body, remove hazardous waste as well as reduce insulin requirements for you up to 35%.

Besides, apples help prevent heart attacks, reduce cancer risk and prevent eye disease in people with diabetes.

Asian plum: The truth of curing diabetes

plums best fruits for people with diabetes

​​​Asian plums can help you a lot with controlling blood sugar. This black plum fruit consists of anthocyanins, ellagic acid and tannins. Therefore, it is very beneficial for people with diabetes.

These fruits help control the conversion of carbohydrates into blood sugar. You may know that the common symptoms of people with diabetes are frequent thirst and urination. This fruit can effectively regulate these common problems. 

Guava: Is it really good for diabetics?

guava asian fruit

Guava has high concentration of lycopene, a large amount of fiber, vitamin C and potassium. All these nutrients are helpful in maintaining your blood sugar levels.

Do you know that in Asian countries, people drink guava leaf tea to prevent diabetes

That's right! This tea can help diabetics get rid of the disease by lowering the blood sugar level in their body. ​

This is how you can do: dry the guava leaves and crush them. Then, boil one tablespoon of crushed guava leaves in hot water. Next, infuse tea for five minutes, and finally, filter it for drinking. You can drink this tea once every single day.

Pomelo: True citrus fruit that can help deal with diabetes

pomelo asian fruit

If you have been familiar with pomelo before as I introduced in another article, you would know how healthy it is to our bodies. In fact, it is one of the super foods recommended by the American Diabetes Association for diabetes. It contains high levels of soluble fiber and vitamin C, and has low GI at only 25.

In addition, pomelo contains flavonoid called naringenin that can increase the body's sensitivity to insulin and also help you maintain a healthy weight, which is an important factor in preventing and controlling diabetes.

Avocado: How this can be great fruit for diabetes

avocado asian fruit

Avocado has been famous for its healthy fat that you can barely find in any other fat-rich food. As a matter of fact, thanks to the rich content of fiber and healthy monounsaturated fat, avocado helps stabilize blood sugar levels. According to the American National Institute of Nutrition and Diet, monounsaturated fat also improves the cardiovascular health.

People with diabetes have increasing risk of heart disease and strokes, so it is imperative to consume these substances. What’s more, avocado contains a good amount of potassium, a mineral that helps prevent diabetic neuropathy.

Strawberry: how it helps your blood pressure

strawberry asian fruit

Even though strawberry has been found everywhere in the world, I also want to mention strawberry as of its magnificent benefits to our bodies.

Strawberries contain antioxidants, vitamins and fiber that can help control your blood sugar. In fact, the antioxidants in strawberries help reduce the risk of heart disease by lowering bad LDL, maintaining or improving good HDL, and reducing blood pressure.

Apparently, strawberry can improve insulin sensitivity, which results in the increase in blood sugar.


In addition, strawberries contains a low amount of carbohydrates and has low GI, which is 40. Good news for those who also wants to be on diet, when you eat strawberries, they help you feel full longer, keep blood sugar levels stable and enhance your energy levels afterwards.

Asian pear: Last but not least, this Asian fruit also solves your problem!

asian pear best fruits for people with diabetes

Like some fruits above, pears are rich in vitamin A, B1, B2, C and E as well as fiber, which help regulate blood sugar levels, lower cholesterol, strengthen the immune system and improve digestive health. Furthermore, the Asian pear can be considered as low carbohydrate, low calorie Asian fruit, with low GI below 38. Pears are especially beneficial for people with type 2 diabetes because they help improve insulin sensitivity.

Above is the list of amazingly delicious yet healthy fruits that any person with diabetes can enjoy without any worry. These fruits usually contain a great amount of fiber, potassium and vitamins which can control the level of blood sugar. If you like my article, please feel free to share or if you have any question and comment, please do in the comment box below. I would be glad to hear back from you all.

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