9 Reasons To Eat Mango

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If you follow my blog, you have known pretty clear what mango is and how it can be eaten even when green and unripe. Mango is a nutritious fruit, which helps prevent cancer, detoxify your body, etc.


Good afternoon fruit lovers!

Today, I just want to let you know that ripe mango can also have the same wonderful effects to our bodies.

Rich in nutrition

mango juice

Let me tell you this. A cup of 103 calorie mango juice or smoothie contains a great percentage of nutrients as followed: 75% vitamin C which can anti-oxidize and strengthen the immune system; 24% vitamin A which helps to increase vision; 12% vitamin B6 and some other B vitamins that prevent any brain and heart disease; 8% of copper which is needed for the production of blood cells; 8% potassium which helps balance sodium intake and 5% magnesium.

Prevent cancer

Many studies show that the antioxidant compounds in mango fruit can protect the body and fight against colon cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer and leukemia.

Reduce cholesterol

mango fruit

High levels of vitamin C, pectin, and fiber found in mangoes have been shown to reduce cholesterol levels, especially in the treatment of hyperlipidemia.

Cleanse the skin

This is why I really love mango because I also want my skin to look clean and shine. Any dark skin Asian fruit or fruit in general like mango is good for your skin both inside and outside. Eating mango can help clear clogged pores and eliminate acne.

Good for the eyes

A slice of ​​mango provides 24% of the daily amount of vitamin A needed for the body. This vitamin promotes vision, and prevents eye dryness and night blindness.

Improve the digestive system

Papaya is not the only fruit that contains enzymes to metabolize proteins during digestion. There are also many other Asian fruits that also do, including mango. Fiber in mango also helps improve digestion and excretion.

Prevent heart stroke

After my friend visited the Republic of Congo and returned back to the US, she didn’t know why she got extremely exhausted. There was a reason explained by the ancient medicine, which was due to the equatorial climate and the intense energy of the sun which made the body heat up, especially muscles. Then the kidneys become overloaded when continuously removing toxins from this process. At this point, I suggest she should drink a glass of mango juice. That would indeed help her cool the body and prevent the effects of heat.

Boost the immune system

Just like other Asian fruits including pomelo, mangosteen, etc., the high content of vitamin A and vitamin C in mango gives the effect of maintaining the stability and health of the immune system.

mango infographics

Mango leaves are good as well?

You would be surprised if I say this, but actually, mango leaves help normalize insulin levels in the blood. The traditional remedy for diabetes is to boil leaves in hot water, overnight and then drink if after you wake up. Mango has a relatively low blood glucose index, so when eaten, it does not spike in blood glucose levels.

With these surprising health benefits such as being rich in vitamin C, good for your heart, immune system, and so on, I would not understand at all if you do not ever want to try mango even once.

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rice pudding asianfruitworld 1

If you want to make food with mango, I introduce you this dessert called rice pudding. Let me know how it tastes if you also try it out.

Thanks for following my blog! Next week, let me introduce you to a new kind of Asian fruit that you may have tried it once or twice- rambutan.

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