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Hi all my friends, 

My name is Jasmine. I just graduated from MBA degree with a passionate in Digital Marketing. At the same time, fruits are my passion as well. I was born and grew up in Vietnam, a land of not just fruits, but ALL KINDS of fruits. I got used to fruits when I was little and every day, my mom would cut a plate full of fruits and make it as a dessert for the family.

Since I moved to the US, I missed that feeling again. Luckily, more and more fruits are now allowed to export into the US. I can envision myself in the picture of that cozy dinner with a plate of fruits once again. 

I love how I can express my love for fruits on my website. As we all know, fruits have more than just their delicious and sweet taste, they can do so much good to your body as well. 

Stay tuned to my website to get all the information and latest news of fruits and healthy food in general. 



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