Red Tea Detox Review: A scam or truth?

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Is your current weight loss diet so disappointing?

Are you looking for a diet that can help you lose weight more successfully?

I have been through your situation. Today, I would give you a true look on Red Tea Detox.

Through Red Tea Detox, you are given an easy way of only drinking red tea with balanced diet schedule. As a result, you can get more energetic and maintain your fit body shape.

It is my favorite diet plan since it helps me lose 5lbs in 2 weeks. (Frankly, this result may vary based on your type of body, but you know, it’s more than enough!)

red tea detox reviews

Red Tea Detox Review

Fruits like berries cannot only help reduce fever as those are best fruits for fever. They can also be the best ingredients for detox plan, significantly our detox plan today.

And if you like natural weight loss program like pomelo weight loss, this weight loss plan is what you're looking for as well. 

Let me explain a little bit about the process of Red Tea Detox.

The process of body purification to encourage weight loss, natural health and overall wellness is called Red Tea Detox. It can be accomplished by having delicious red tea. It is the secret tea that has been prepared and used in Africa for many years.

There is no need to follow any diet or exercise plans because Red Tea Detox will help to shrink the fat cells in your body.

There are 5 main super ingredients in the red tea that make it a brilliant mixture to stop the hunger that never ends. The reason is that, you will feel more energetic and within days you will be ready to follow the healthy lifestyle.

There are simple ingredients used in red tea and you can quickly prepare it at home. The ingredients are easily available at the grocery store.


After using the Red Tea Detox myself, I can say that it makes it easier to lose weight and maintain the perfect body shape. It successfully helped me reset my healthy balance. It was able to cleanse my entire body right from the beginning of the day.

I was surprised by the simplicity of the process because there was nothing complicated that I had to deal with. What makes it more special is the amazing results that I got from the drink.

I'm back in my skinny jeans!

I lost 17 pounds and I'm fitting into jeans I never thought I would wear again. My husband tells me I look slender and sexy. I am very pleased with my results!

amanda red tea detox reviews

Amanda H.

57 years old Topeka, KS

Why did I use Red Tea Detox?

I think that Red Tea Detox is the right solution for anyone who is suffering from different health issues. Just like me, you can achieve your health goals with this tea. Here are some of the reasons why you should give Red Tea Detox a try.

Do these thing sound like you?

  • You do not like to diet because you end up being demotivated and hungry
  • You do not want to live a life based on prescription drugs
  • Exercise plans and weight loss strategies are getting boring
  • You do not want to starve yourself anymore for only a few pounds that you lose in months


With a cup of tea every morning, Red Tea Detox program is appropriate for all genders and ages that Men and women can easily follow it.

So, what are the outstanding benefits of Red Tea Detox?

I like Red Tea Detox because of the following advantages that I enjoyed while following the detox program.

Toxin removal and cleansing

We are consuming unhealthy food items that are filled with nitrates, processed meat and other harmful chemicals. It will remove all the chemicals that are contaminating the body. It will help in the reduction of fat storage hormones that are produced by toxins.

Within few days of absorbing the good nutrients from the drink, you will notice a positive change in your energy level. With the consistent use, you will feel healthier once again.

Opening the fat cells

Due to a high level of stress, hormonal imbalance and improper diet our body is filled with the fat cells. The red tea will work on your fat cells and it will open them to release all the stored fats to assure that the body is cleansed.

Increase in level of body energy

Do you think detox simply means less energy intake?

Not so true!

Even when the ingredients of red tea are detoxifying your body, you will feel more energetic. It will support the production of energy in your body so that it will have enough power to remove all the toxins.

It will enhance your stamina so working out will become easier and you will be able to quickly achieve your desired goals. What’s more, it will improve your overall mental outlook.

Staying motivated

The Red Tea Detox program is only 14 days long and the results are obvious so you will not feel tired. It will keep you motivated when you will notice the positive effects and changes it brings to your body.

At the end of the program, you will notice significant difference in your body; as a result, you will never lose interest in the program. 

The 5 fat shrinking rules

There are the 5 key ‘fat cell shrinking’ rules that have been shared by the author of Red Tea Detox. You will see how the program works around these rules. It encourages you to complete the detox process. The most important function of the rules is to assure that fat cells release the stored fats from your body.

The simple rules include

  • Weigh less and eat right
  • Lose fat by reducing stress
  • Drop pounds by reducing toxins
  • Lose more weight with smart exercises
  • Get rid of stored fats by hormonal rebalancing

Featured plans

There are some special plans that have been featured with the Red Tea Detox program. Here are some of them.

The Eating Plan

The eating plan included with the Red Tea Detox Diet helps you 

  • Know how to simulate the natural fat burning capabilities of your body
  • Increase your metabolic rate with the help of 14-day diet plan
    • To help you better understand, metabolic rate is simply the rate at which our body burns calories.
  • Know what food to eat to get the best weight loss results

The Workout Book

WORKOUT Red Tea Detox Review
  • Skyrocketed fat burning with the help of proper workout plan
  • Short and easy-to-do workouts that you can easily manage within 20 minutes
  • Many effective ways to balance your hormones
  • The removal of toxins that are damaging the balance of your body

Motivational Booklet

  • All the myths regarding willpower are rejected
  • You will get the motivation to keep moving forward and on the right track. You will find it easy to face all the obstacles
  • You will get detailed guidance at every level of the detox process.

Red Tea Detox vs other detox plans

There are many other detox plans and products available in the market but none of them have been able to meet the standards set by Red Tea Detox.

I will have brief comparison with this 7-day detox plan

This plan is simply about eating raw food, specifically vegetables, and drinking lemon juice in the morning.

7-day detox plan


  • Get faster result in only 7 days


  • Not advised for people with stomach problems
  • Some people like me cannot eat raw food (I know, it sucks!)
  • No motivation and clear guide to follow through the plan

What’s even better

They have 60-Day Money Back Guarantee, so no worry if you can’t follow it through or are not interested in the first 60 days.

To sum up

The 7-day weight loss might get you faster results; however, as you can see, the pros seem outweigh its cons. There is no motivation or additional guide of 3-month plan like the other detox plans you might be following. You can easily use Red Tea Detox many times in a year because it is exciting and fun. It will bring the significant benefits like removing toxins, cleansing body, and losing weight.

If you're looking for a healthy natural program like pomelo weight loss, you can try out this Red Tea Detox Plan. 

red tea detox reviews

About Author

Liz Swan Miller has over 10 years of experience in the practicing nutrition industry and has published many other nutrition books. 

author red tea detox

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