Are fruits the only choice for healthy snacking?

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If your kids participate in sports, dance, or afterschool programs, then you’ve had to stock a certain amount of snacks. Now, you want to stop them from eating unhealthy snacks every time they ask for it after a game or team meeting. Besides having fruits as a healthy snack, below are those tactics that work better towards healthy snack plan.

Top 8 healthy snacking tips

Why no snack at all?

According to a UNC-Chapel Hill report, 27% of your child’s calories come from snacks, which is a main cause for diabetes, heart disease, and hypertension. Such statistics also worry Shelly Wilkins, a pediatrician and mother of two children under the age of six. She, therefore, shared with WRAL 8 tips on healthier snacking for kids.

1. No snacking

Wilkin’s first tip is obvious: withholding snacks from your children, especially if they’re picky eaters. If they snack, they don’t feel hungry, so they become even pickier.

fruit healthy snack tip 1

The point is

Without the snacks, their stomach growls in after a few hours, making them more willing to try healthier foods.

2. Be Firm

If you expect your kids to take the changes while lying down, think again. They’ll raise their noses at the slices of apple or banana you dish out, demanding crackers and other snacks. What is Wilkin’s advice? Don’t give in. Leave that apple on the table until they eat it.

3. One snack a day

What if you give in to your children’s demands?

That’s okay, as long as they snack only once a day and never close to dinnertime. For preschoolers, this should be in the morning, and for school-going kids, just after school or any sporting activities.

4. Stick to a routine

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If you can eat meals at the same time every day, you can do likewise with snacks. So between meals, close the fridge to keep temptation at bay.

5. Prepare healthy snacks

This is where fruits take place.

Moms already know that fruit or fruit juice can best help us lose weight. How about for kids?

Fruits cannot only help your kids reduce fever but it can also effectively cure constipation

Sometimes, children get hungry hours before dinner even after snacking. How do you hold them off until dinner? Well, give the small kids a fruit, vegetable, or mandarin orange with some kinds of protein. For the bigger kids, low-sugar yogurt, ham, or cheese rolls will do.

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Or if they don't like to eat fruits, try to make some juice with the best masticating juicer

Are you worried that making juice cannot retain most of the nutrition of the fruits? With the best masticating juicer, it can help you make the best juice without any oxidization and foaming. This could help you keep the juice fresh for several days. 

6. Guard against mindless eating

Children sometimes eat to pass the time, especially when watching TV. This mindless behavior develops into a bad eating habit later in life, leading to poor health. To guard against it, sit the children at a table before serving snacks. Also, take away their mobile devices, the biggest addiction nowadays.

7. Nothing Wrong with Being Hungry

orange best juice for weight loss healthy snack

Shelly mentioned that kids staying hungry for even a few hours is not a big deal. Instead of reinforcing this perception by allowing them to snack, teach them that it’s okay to feel hungry for an hour or two as they wait for dinner.

8. Let the Kids Enjoy Fun Snacks

When your children follow the new snacking routine, reward them with fun snacks – ice cream, chocolate chip cookies, and crackers. However, we should keep in mind that they skip desserts.

Bottom Line

Wilkins ends her tips with a few words of advice: Kids don’t need to snack, if they do provide structure, and think carefully about the meals you prepare. She then recommends two websites - “Kids with Food Allergies” and “Super Healthy Kids” – she thinks you will find helpful.

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