Are men with vegan diet more attractive?

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Hold on! Did we just say men who eat vegetables and fruits are more attractive? This may sound ridiculous but it is so true.

Women are more attracted to men with veggie and fruit diet.

People who eat a lot of carbohydrates are considered the least attractive.

How can a man become the most attractive in the eyes of women?

Take care of your body shape, hair style and face. But there is still an equally important factor: the smell of the body.

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"We have long known that body odor is an important factor in gaining attraction, especially for women," said Dr Ian Stephen of Macquarie University  in Sydney, Australia. In his latest study, he discovered something very interesting.

Accordingly, women like the smell of men eating more vegetables and fruits. They are considered to have a more seductive body odor, which is more pleasing, strong and healthy. People who eat a lot of meat have a strong body odor, while those who eat a lot of carbohydrates are rated by women as the least attractive.

To conduct this study, Stephen and his colleagues recruited a group of male and female volunteers to participate in an interesting experiment.

Among them, male volunteers were asked to complete a questionnaire on the frequency of their diet. As a result, researchers can evaluate their eating patterns. Female volunteers do only one task, evaluating the body odor of male volunteers.

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The most exciting part of the experiment started when the boys were given a clean shirt. They are asked to wear it and do some exercises until they sweat. Exciting right?

The shirts are then removed and sent to the female volunteers. They will be based on the smell of the body, to judge which one wearing the shirt is more attractive. To more accurately measure the sensation of women, the scientists gave them an answer in a list, including 21 levels of attraction and strength.

What do you think the results are?

The results show that men who eat more fruits and vegetables get better liked than those who eat carbohydrate and meat. The scientists also found that people who ate a lot of meat were judged to have a heavy body odor, but the women did not consider it bad. Only people who eat a lot of carbohydrates are considered to be the least attractive.

What’s more, researchers also pointed out that eating diet affects the skin color and attractiveness of men. They used a spectrometer to measure the intensity of light emanating from the skin of male volunteers.

Of people who eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, their skin will emit the color of the carotenoids, the healthy antioxidant compounds that also make up the color of the plant. Previous studies have shown carotenoid pigments as a constituent of attraction

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So, what can we get from the study?

Scientists say a diet rich in fruits and vegetables will help men look attractive and have a more attractive body odor. In this respect, a man can create a 20% advantage over his rivalry if two people want to conquer a girl with their body odor.

Previous studies have reported that the body odor also depends on the bacteria on the skin. But clearly, changing diets can be a simpler way for men to become more attractive during dating.

So, men out there, get yourself together and eat more veggies and fruits!

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