13 rare fruits of the world

So what are the 13 delicious rare fruits that you can find in many Southeast Asian countries and other western countries? Let's explore to see their origins and benefits.

13 nutritious rare fruits around the world


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The first and foremost rare fruit is rambutan. Rambutan is a delicious fruit with soft and hairy shell. It was first very popular in many Asian countries. However, nowadays, you can easily find it in any Asian grocery stores around the US. We have talked about the benefits of both rambutan vs lychee and their benefits are undeniably amazing to our bodies.


ackee fruit west africa

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Originated in the tropics of West Africa, this fruit was imported into Jamaica and is now becoming an important part of Caribbean culture. Like other fruits, it contains high amount of fiber, which can help regulate the glucose levels in our blood.


edible fruit

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Fruity jackfruit is considered the largest fruit that grows on the tree. Some people cannot handle the fragrance of this fruits, but it is known as a very sweet and savory with its unique texture. It also has great health benefits when it is rich in dietary fiber, vitamin A and vitamin C.

Fingered Citron Fruit

buddha hand china

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The fruit is named as above because it looks like Buddha's hand. Fingered Citron fruit often appears in fruit tray on New Lunar Year festival or celebration in Asian countries. When we go to the market, we will also see fruit that is sold especially on the first and the full moon day. In addition, they are used as drugs and perfumes.

Lychee fruit

lychee fact

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Lychee was planted over 2,000 years ago first in China. Through times, there are more kinds of lychee have been grown around the world. One of them is Vietnamese lychee, which has thick pulp, small seeds and delicious taste. And you will be surprised about all the health benefits of lychee to your body such as reducing risk of cancer, helping improving digestive health, etc. 

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Aguaje fruit

aguaje fruit

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According to Woman Fitness, aguaje fruit is the ‘miracle fruit for women’ in a sense that it contains rich source of fatty acids, nutrients and vitamins. It was originated from Peru and Columbia. Hence, its oil is used to treat skin burns, and enhance glory and shining skins. It is also helpful for fertility system and hormone balance. This multifunctional South American fruit is used to make oils, jams, wine and even ice cream.

Kaffir Lime

kaffir lime

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This is not an ordinary lime! The reason stays in its own rough peel, which contains a significant amount of essential oil. It is also called makrut lime and of course, one member in the citrus family. It is native to some Southeast Asian countries like Laos, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand. Currently, it is grown widely in the world for spices, aromas and cosmetics and has similar health effects to our bodies like pomelo fruit.

Cherimoya fruit

cherimoya fruit

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Many people call cherimoya the ice cream fruit because its flesh looks like ice cream and it tastes amazingly sweet and fragrant. Like soursop fruit, this fruit is highly nutritious when it has a high amount of vitamin C and potassium which helps our body fight against any infection and control blood pressure. This is considered 'the most delicious fruit for men', according to writer Mark Twain.

Romanesco broccoli

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This fruit is named after its strange shape, a combination of cauliflower and broccoli. It also has many incredible benefits such as boosting immune system, blood detoxification. More surprisingly, some research found that it can also eliminate cancer cells and prevent any new ones from growing.

Pandanus fruit

pandanus fruit

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Pandanus fruit, also known as red fruit, is one species in the pandan family. It is one of the main nutrition sources in the Federated States of Micronesia because it is very rich in vitamins and minerals. It can now be seen in Florida and Hawaii. In addition, this fruit also has a lot of applications in dentistry.



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Even though mangosteen is listed among the rare fruits, it has been one of the most favorite South East Asian fruits around the world. It has been widely grown in Vietnam with a history of thousands of years. The benefits of mangosteen are undeniable. It can prevent cancer, reduce inflammation, strengthen skin health and our immune system. However, we should also know how to pick mangosteen properly to enjoy this rare fruit the best.

Akebia Quinata Fruit

Akebia quinata fruits japan

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This rare fruit is extremely popular in Japan. In Japanese folklore, there are also stories of adventures to find these strange fruits in the hills. Its taste is almost like wild berries, and often used in desserts. In addition, the shell of Akebia Quinata fruit is also used to stuff into meat to enhance flavor for any cooked meal. The benefits of this rare fruit is outstanding as well when Dr Mao pointed out that it can be used to ease the mouth and tongue sores, and essentially good for anyone with urination issues like painful urinary tract infections, etc. Moreover, it has been a good natural treatment for any breast and digestive tumors.

Salak Fruit

salak fruits

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Salak fruit is another kind of rare fruits. It is a native species of indigenous palms which usually grows in clusters and is mostly found in Indonesia, Brunei and Malaysia. They are also called snake fruits because of its shell with reddish scales. It has high amount of potassium, which stimulates the nerves of the brain. What’s more, with a high content of antioxidants in Salak, supplements in the daily menu will help you prevent cancer. In addition, you can also use Salak Fruits to improve your immune system.

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There are so many exotic rare fruits in the world which are really unique in shape or in taste. In many Asian countries, some of those fruits are comparably familiar to us, but are actually considered unique in the world.
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