Benefits of Pomelo Fruit

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Do you know all the benefits of pomelo? Thanks to its strong nutritional value, it is significantly beneficial to our body as below.


If you came across to my article about pomelo fruit fact, you may wonder what is really good about pomelo fruit. And I have to admit that, not just as a big citrus fruit and a kind of unique fruits that can be found mostly in Asian countries, it also brings with many astonishing advantages. 

vitamin c

Let me show you once again how many calories are there in pomelo as well as other nutrients.


Amount per 100grams/3.5oz



Total Fat


Cholesterol 0mg


Sodium 1mg


Potassium 216mg


Total Carbonhydrate 10g


Protein  0.8g




Vitamin C


A good source of vitamin C

red pomelo

Like other citrus members as we introduced, specifically mandarin orange, pomelo is also extremely rich in Vitamin C. Only 100grams of serving equals to more than 52% vitamin C of your daily value. Surprising, right?

So, how does it help as a vitamin C rich fruit?

Immune System: One of its most outstanding benefit is to enhance the immune system. So, can you imagine how much it contains in an entire fruit? In place where I was born, particularly in Vietnam, this source of organic acid has been used over generations to boost body immune system with its antioxidant properties. Obviously, it will help your body fight back any infection that may lead to sickness from normal to serious such as coughs, fevers, and bacterial infections.

Weight Loss: Together with immune system booster, this kind of Asian fruits can aid in weight loss, so this is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to go on diet! Pomelo is very low calorie Asian fruit as a matter of fact. What’s more, it is also low carb fruit. inside each serving is Carnitine pamitoyl-transferase, also known as “fat-burning enzyme”, that can basically help you lose weights. Therefore, it is highly recommended as one of Asian fruits for diet. Personally, I’m the type of person who gains weight easily. So, I decided to have this kind of healthy Asian fruits almost everyday and succeeded in losing some weights. Of course, exercise would still be needed in your checklist for weight loss.

Oral and Dental Health: As you may know, vitamin C is very crucial to help your body produce collagen. And nowadays, many supplements with collagen can strenghthen tissues, cells and improve the conditions of hair, teeth and skin. Therefore, it will weaken any infection to our gums and oral surfaces, which can lead to teeth loss and other serious oral and dental issues.

Anti-Aging: As mentioned above, this great amount of vitamin C can improve conditions of hair and skin as well. So, it play an important role in antioxidants to reduce the process of skin degrading such as wrinkles, age spots, and so on. So, personally, this sounds really fabulous, since we women who always look for collagen supplements to slow down the skin degradation, but now we can simply find it in delicious fruits like this!

Good source of Fiber

Fiber can be found in various kinds of fruits, but how significant is it in pomelo fruit?

Digestion: Like other fruits, pomelo also consists of high amount of fiber, 4% of your daily value per 3.5oz. serving specifically. Hence, it highly supports with our daily digestion after every meals and reduces irregular digestion symptoms like diarrhea, excessive gas, etc. Your stomach would feel better when consuming this fruit after your meal.

A fruit rich in potassium

You may have heard about the needs of potassium for everyone but exactly, how does potassium in pomelo fruit better our bodies?

Blood Pressure: Besides vitamin C, and fiber, pomelo also contains a good amount of potassium, almost 6% per 3.5oz serving. Hence, in one way or another, it helps release any tense blood vessels and increase blood circulations. So, anyone with high blood pressure issues can find this fruit an organic source of reducing chances of heart attacks, and strokes.

Body Cramping: Whoever works out a lot may know how important potassium is to their body in terms of muscle cramping and stiffness. With the sufficient amount of potassium that is included in pomelo, it is less likely that you have cramps or muscle pains. This happens to me a lot since there was time that I lacked potassium. This Asian fruit ensured me that I no longer had this kind of issue.

Bone Health: Together with cramp prevention, potassium is also linked to the bone mineral density, meaning that it helps keep the bone strong and prevent any possible bone weakness.

benefits of pomelo

Infographic of pomelo benefits

It won’t be exaggerating to say that this citrus fruit represents the most significant amount of good nutrients to our bodies compared to other family members. Of course, there would be some cautions for us to consume this fruit, but we cannot deny how beneficial and nutritious it is.

If you want to diversify your menu with pomelo fruit, you can check out our fruit recipes and cooking will be just a piece of cake. We also introduced more Asian fruit types that you may want to get in any market.

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