Best Masticating Juicer Reviews: SimpleTaste

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Waking up in mornings and chopping up fruits and vegetables can be a drag at times. Having a juicer extractor in hand saves from the entire burden. Which juicer extractor to choose still remains a question.

Based on the best masticating juicer reviews, SimpleTaste Electric Masticating Juicer Extractor turns out to be the best fit in this case, making mornings healthier with a complete dense juice full of vitamins and minerals. The reason why it stands with the best masticating juicer reviews seemed quite legit when I personally tried this juicer. I will also compare it with NUTRIHOME and OMEGA J8006. Stay tuned.

Simple Taste Masticating Juicer: What’s the deal?

I decided to buy this masticating juicer simply because of its unique machine design.

Can you feel the design? I personally like the professional look of this masticating juicer. To have the sarcastic comparison, I imagine it as the big but delicate pulley block.


Also, with only less than $100, you get a full handy items in the box including SimpleTaste Slow Juicer, Cleaning Brush, Juice and Residue Containers, and also the Instruction Manual (of course!) to help your life even much much easier when using the machine (TBH, it is already so easy to use. Just throw pieces of fruits into the chute, you got it right?!)

Okay, let’s talk about its outstanding features:

Simple Taste Best Masticating Juicer Review: Distinguishing Features

simpletaste best masticating juicer 4

The accurate spinning of juicer provides a juice richer in nutrients, with a storage capacity of up to two-three days without rotting up.

The horizontal design of auger increases its ability of extracting juice from leafy greens, with no choke points, eliminating the need of chopping ingredients into smaller chunks and shortening the juice-preparation time.

Oh no, I put a big chunk of fruits! Will it get clogged?

No worries, as it has reverse function. You can simply press the control button to extract the maximum out of fruits and vegetables and use the reverse function to avoid clogging.

I can use it for both for soft fruits and fibrous vegetables and is easy-to-clean, with a cleaning brush included and easily-detachable parts to provide you with ease while cleaning the juicer. Due to slow-spinning, the juicer seems to be very quiet.

I still remember the other day, I tried to make a cup of tomato juice with some watermelon and a hint of salt as it is also one of the best juice for weight loss. I’m on diet, you know what I’m saying right?

SimpleTaste Electric Masticating Juicer Extractor makes sure to squeeze out every single drop of juice with a powerful 150-watt motor, spinning the auger at 80 rpm and allowing to extract juice from fibrous stuff.

What’s good about this? You may ask, when you actually have to wait for a longer time to make a cup o juice.

With the slow functioning, lesser amount of air is likely to enter the juice, unlike other traditional centrifugal juicers that require different revolutions for juice-extraction

This slow-spinning juice extractor would indeed maintain healthy enzymes from juicing, thereby preventing large amount of oxidation. If you normally see the two layers in a cup of juice, I have to sadly say that your juice has been highly oxidized. So, with this juicer, you can store your juice in the fridge up to 72 hours without degradation.

The juicer has a multi-functional nature with one-year warranty and requires no extra tools for cleaning and storage, with a noiseless, or soundproof, operation.

simpletaste best masticating juicer 8

Cleaning! Yes, eventually, you have to clean it.

This masticating juicer is designed with easy use and clean. And this is all I’m asking for as well. I love how it saves me time from cleaning. Each part can be easily detachable and you can use the cleaning brush that it provides in the box.

No extra tools, no hard scrubbing needed!


It squeezes everything in a spinning motion, extracting more juice from leafy greens, using only the smaller components of machine and requiring no cleaning efforts.

It’s the best alternative when you don’t want to spend up to $300 on a juicer. In this case, I have to compare it with NUTRIHOME masticating juicer and OMEGA J8006 that we have reviewed before. The reason is, these two juicers are priced at approximately $300.

PRICE (~$$$)*

WEIGHTS (~lbs)*


SPEED (rpm)
















*: I simply rounded up for the nearest price and weight, just to make clear of it with all of you!

Omega NC900HDC 6th 1

So is NUTRIHOME the best masticating juicer? Or OMEGA J8006? Or this cute SIMPLETASTE juice extractor?

In general, surprisingly, they all run at the same speed. So, they all make the juice with similarly little amount of oxidization and foaming.

Apparently, OMEGA J8006 is much pricier than the other two, which are roughly $100 and above. SIMPLE TASTE is the winner of reasonable masticating juicer I’ve ever had.

It is also the lightest among them three.

However, I have to say, OMEGA J8006 is steadier when it functions, so it will not make a lot of sound or shaking when juicing on the counter top.

Talking about warranty, the most expensive masticating juicer provides with a lot of more years for customer support or warranty. So, it seems like they try to make sure the masticating juicer will last longer than 10 years, right?


You want to make the best juice for weight loss like Kendall Jenner?

Therefore, use this juicer extractor machine holding the best masticating juicer reviews with its easy-to-clean nature and compatibility, saving enough of your time and money, and letting you enjoy the best of health with rich nutritious juices.

In terms of functionality, compared to OMEGA J8006 or NUTRIHOME, this can beat those 2 beasts. However, talking about the innovative design to brighten up your kitchen corner, this can be that fashionable angel in your Victoria Secret Kitchen. And to have the best bang for the buck, you can’t miss this best masticating juicer at all!

What's good?

  • check
    Quiet operation
  • check
    Powerful motor
  • check
    Cheapest price under $100
  • check
    Compact design
  • check
    Easy to clean and assemble
  • check
    Less frothing of juice
  • check
    Good packaging

Bad stuff?

  • check
    The machine is just confined to juicing purpose
  • check
    You can’t make any other thing out of it
  • check
    Slow Speed can be annoying at times
  • check
    Warranty duration is short


PRICE: $80

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