Bitter Melon: Love It Or Not?

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If you have never tried bitter melon before or happen to see it at the grocery store, I think you can start to get and try out some. Because it has a lot of amazing benefits. Let’s find out the benefits of bitter melon, shall we?


Hello my dear readers!

Benefits of bittermelon afw

So far I have introduced a few different kinds of Asian fruits, which are pomelo, mangosteen and so on. This time, I will not talk about any sweet fruit anymore; instead, I will give you a chance to experience the “bitterness” of fruit: bitter melon. Some of you may have tasted it before, some may not. But believe it or not, it’s worth trying once, especially for its rich nutrition and health benefits that I will mention right now.

What vitamins can be found in bitter melon?

Bitter melon (also known as bitter gourd) is a fruit in the Cucurbits family. This fruit has a rough shape and specially bitter taste, which can hinder someone from wanting to try it.

Bitter melon has been broadly used in the food culture of many Asian countries. According to some research, bitter melon is extremely rich in vitamins and minerals such as 0.9% Protein, 0.1% Lipid, 0.2% carbon hydrates, and many other vitamins; and a lot of minerals in its constituents like calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron, etc.

So, you start to get excited about this fruit right?

Good support for having a fit body

How good is bitter melon to our body to maintain good health? In bitter melon contains protein and vitamin C to boost the body immune system, and support in killing the cancer cells, etc. Bitter melon is also helpful in reducing the blood sugar level; for this reason, long time ago, melon bitter was used for the treatment of diabetes.

Bitter melon also benefits in preventing the virus spread in the cells while effectively controlling the disease. In addition, this Asian fruit has many wonderful effects to our body such as stimulating eating order, supporting digestive function, liver function, blood circulation, etc.

As mentioned above, there are quite a lot of vitamins and water in this Asian fruit, so it apparently will help the skin to regenerate very quickly. You only need to crush ½ bitter melon (remove the seeds, of course) and then apply water on your face. Do it regularly to see the change on your skin through days.

Give you the perfectly-shaped body

It is said that bitter melon can be a significant help in having slim belly or removing belly fat. This "bitter fruit" has the effect of reducing blood cholesterol levels. With that being said, we will not have to suffer from extremely hard work or skipping meal to cut down your food. Isn’t it amazing?

What’s more, bitter melon can also be made into tea drink. Drinking it will help us sleep better, and ease our stressed mind.

Wait, there's something more...​

Bittermelon afw

Of course, everything has two sides: good and bad. There are a few cautions you should take into consideration. First, those who want to have a baby or who are pregnant should not eat this at all, because it is studied that it can bring some negative effects on fertility. Also, it is not good for anyone who has kidney or liver disease. The reason is that bitter melon can cause elevated liver enzymes, which also makes it hard for the kidney to detox. Last but not last, in terms of digestion system, it is true that it supports our body in digesting system; however, it does not work for those who have weak digestive system, which causes diarrhea, dysentery, and gastroenteritis.

Look at how bitter melon is such a fruit wonder of nature. bitter melon is a wonderful gift from nature. Despite its bitterness, what it brings to our body seems like giving our lives enough “sweetness”, doesn’t it? Of course, consuming it in the right suggested amount would be needed, but once you eat it right, you can see how your body will be nourished through time. 

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I hope you like my article today. If you have any other suggestion about how to cook bitter melon, don't feel free to share it with me! :)​

Post Author: Jasmine

5 thoughts on “Bitter Melon: Love It Or Not?


    (April 2, 2017 - 10:14 pm)

    What an interesting looking fruit. I agree with your assessment that the bitter nature of the fruit would definitely stop many people from trying it. We have a lot of Asian markets in my area and I’ll be on the look out for this one. I’m always swilling to try new fruits, especially ones that are so high in nutritional value. Thanks for the write up.


      (April 3, 2017 - 10:42 pm)

      Thank you for your comment! And it’s even better when there’s someone who shares the same idea with me about this fruit in terms of its nutrition. And I hope you’ll like it when you try this bitter melon. 🙂

    James Kelly

    (April 4, 2017 - 11:32 am)

    An interesting article about a fruit that I certainly didn’t know existed. To call it a fruit is probably a misnomer due to its bitter taste and I for one prefer fruit to be sweet tasting. For me I would probably give it a miss having read up on the possible side affects from eating it. I am sure other fruits give similar health benefits but without the adverse effects



      (April 8, 2017 - 12:54 am)

      Thanks Jim! And it’s good to hear that from you because I also think so too. And I’m glad you also enjoy the benefits of various fruits like I do! 🙂

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