Are Fruits a Resource-Pool of Collagen?

Collagen – and it’s not a big secret anymore – form the most abundant type of proteins in our body. It’s literally found in almost every part of our body, and lines most other tracts that are said to carry the cycle of life. It’s found in muscles, bones, skin, blood vessels, digestive system and tendons. […]

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How different is pomelo vs grapefruit?

Grapefruit and pomelo are similar but different. How different, or how similar are they? We’re going to talk about grapefruit and pomelo, and how different they are. Many people actually think they are both the same but they’re not. So let’s get started. What You Will Know Grapefruit vs pomelo: how different are they?Their first difference lies […]

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How To Pick And Cut This Giant Fruit

Do you want to know how to cut jackfruit when you want to enjoy it at home? Are you frightened when seeing that giant fruit unopened? I understand your concern. That’s why today, I will give you full tutorials on how to cut it perfectly without missing a single piece of fruit meat. Hang in there. When a fruit can […]

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Top 6 Fruits that Surprisingly Treat Heart Diseases

You or your family have a heart problem? You believe that good diet can help improve that problem? Then, I’m glad to tell you that you’re right. A diet rich in fruits can help lower the risks of a heart disease and stroke. ​Fruits alone are not sufficient to cure heart disease, but a good combination of a […]

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3 Fruits (and Many More) to Reduce Menstrual Pain

PMS, or Menstrual Pain is truly the nightmare of us girls and women. I totally understand how displeasing it is to suffer from this pain. During those days, picking the right fruits like avocado actually does you so much help. What You Will Know So what are those fruits that can ease the menstrual pain?To relieve […]

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Red Tea Detox Review: A scam or truth?

Is your current weight loss diet so disappointing? Are you looking for a diet that can help you lose weight more successfully? I have been through your situation. Today, I would give you a true look on Red Tea Detox. Through Red Tea Detox, you are given an easy way of only drinking red tea with balanced diet […]

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You’ll Be Surprised These Fruits Can Treat Your Depression!

Are you going through depression? Do you try to find a way to get over mild or even severe depression? The fruits below including avocado, blueberry are very supportive mood regulations. Stay tuned to see more of them.  TABLE OF CONTENT What are 4 best fruits to treat depression?How can avocado assist in controlling your swing of […]