Can eating bananas help you lose weight?

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Getting slim by eating bananas, or banana detox, is gaining huge popularity in Japan and other Asian countries. But is it really an effective weight loss diet?

The effectiveness of eating banana

People use bananas to lose weight because bananas help promote metabolism, create a protective film in the intestines to kill the toxins and stimulate good digestion. In addition, banana also contains another type of fiber, which has against-starch effect. Thus, it helps reduce energy intake and avoid fat accumulation.

Banana is a popular Asian or tropical fruit that is always available year-round. The protein content in bananas is four times as high as that in apples, carbohydrate is twice as high and phosphorus is three times as much.

Banana does not contain a significant amount of vitamin C like pomelo so pomelo weight loss might have different effects and is suitable for different type of people.

Wait, there’s more

Vitamin A and iron of bananas is five times as much as that of apples; minerals and vitamins are considered more double.

Bananas have many good effects such as smoothening and glowing your skin, brightening your eyes, supporting longevity. Banana is a very nutritious fruit that has many health and body benefits.

Banana helps reduce weight effectively

Potassium is an element that the body needs every day to balance potassium and sodium in the body and lower blood pressure. If you eat two bananas per day, it will give the body 1g potassium. Eating three bananas can cure heart disease.

As Catherine Collins, a dietitian, said in BBC News, every single cell of the body contains some amount of potassium. It just showed how important it is to our body. 

According to NDTV Food, many scientific studies have shown the excellent benefits of banana including the prevention and treatment of high cholesterol, blood purification, prevention of peptic ulcer, depression treatment, etc.

Even better

Banana is a fruit that has so many benefits but the energy in banana is very low. Therefore, when we eat bananas, we quickly feel full so that we can reduce the amount of food that is absorbed into the body while balancing energy intake and energy consumption.

What is the effective diet for weight loss with banana?

Breakfast: Start the day by eating two bananas and one glass of warm water while eating nothing else.

Lunch: Eat a banana before eating the main dish, paying attention to a 30% reduction in the main portion of the serving compared to regular meals.

Snacks: Time for some snacks? If hungry, you can eat a banana, and not eat any other food.

Dinner: You can eat a banana before the main meal and reduce the main meal proportion by 30%. Absolutely avoid desserts, sweets for faster weight loss plan and a healthier body.

To reduce weight by bananas, you should pay attention to also the eating time and choosing the right food. This will help you achieve better results.

On the other hand

There are several things to keep in mind when having banana weight loss plan

Doing this does not mean that you completely replace the meals of the day with just bananas.

You should only eat bananas until you feel enough, then drink a glass of warm water.

Do not go to bed late and make sure you have 8-hour sleep to help the body maintain health.

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