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US: Do we buy berries because of its health effects?

Are berries our favorite fruits? Do we eat them because they are healthy? A study by a group of researchers from Center for Nutritional Research (CNR) in Illinois Institute of Technology today gave their detailed answers for those questions. By exploring results from National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES), 2007-2012, researchers from CNR found some correlation […]

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Top 3 secrets of Katy Perry to keep fit

To keep fit and healthy, our famous singer Katy Perry maintains these tips of doing exercise and picking the smart menu every day including drinking the best juice for weight loss.What are the secrets of Katy Perry to keep fit?Having a great physique along with strong emotional voice, American beauty is one of the most […]

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Will gums be healthier with fruit bits?

A group of students in National Polytechnic Institute of Mexico has made innovative move by creating candy with almost 60 percent less sugar by adding fruit bits.Gums with fruits: Is it healthier and yummier?How thoughtful and creative these students are!The idea of gum with real fruit bitsThey named their gumdrops Dubbed ExotiGum. These gumdrops are […]

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12 fruits and fruit juices that kids can’t resist

12 fruits that all kids loveWouldn’t you agree? Kids have that one problem that always give big headaches to parents: they don’t eat fruits! But if you give them these fruits, things will be different. Today, we will give you the 12 fruits and juices that most kids like including apple, citrus fruits, etc.What are favorite fruits of […]

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Favorite food of 6 most popular teen stars

Do you know what kinds of foods your favorite star likes? And how can you relate it into your vegan diet? Check out our article today.What food do top teen celebrities like?Chloë Grace MoretzSource: hd wallpaperThe cover star of Teen Vogue’s October subscribes to the notion that sushi is a great meal of any time […]

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Are men with vegan diet more attractive?

Hold on! Did we just say men who eat vegetables and fruits are more attractive? This may sound ridiculous but it is so true.Women are more attracted to men with veggie and fruit diet.People who eat a lot of carbohydrates are considered the least attractive.​Top 5 concerns without eating fruits 7 fruits that best detox […]


Top 9 celebrities who are garden lovers

​Who says celebs cannot grow their own vegetables and fruits? Think again after we introduce you the top 9 celebrities who truly love gardening and have grown acres of vegetables and fruits on their homeland. These celebrities know better the benefits of fruits and vegetables; that’s why having organic garden can help improve their health […]

Fruit Festivals from West to East Coast

It’s summer time, so it’s time for festival! You may wish to find a place so that you can not only share fun moments with your friends and family but also you can get a chance to taste amazing seasonal fruits. Let me introduce you, my friends, several outstanding and popular festival around the US.Fruit […]