How To Make Pomelo Salad

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This is my second cooking blog. And today, I will introduce you the second nutritious and healthy salad. I call it 'Pomelo Spring Salad'.


Hello my dear readers! Here I am with my second cooking blog.

For my first one, I cooked funky dessert in a wine glass, you can check it out to see how I have done it.

This time, I want to share with you my love for pomelo - one of the most famous Asian fruits. I actually have talked about its fabulous benefits to our body with its mildly sweet and sour taste; that’s why I love it more than any other citrus fruits. I can say that it is not only a good support for your immune system but it would be a perfect fruit for anyone who wants to lose weights. So, today, I decided to make some simple and easy pomelo salad with avocado. Well, it’s the season of avocado too! So, make sure you won’t miss it while going to the grocery store.

pomelo salad afw

What you may need is completely easy to find and absolutely low-priced:

pomelo salad ingredients

1 avocado

1 pomelo fruit/ pummelo/ grapefruit

1 medium-sized cucumber

2 tbsp olive oil

1 tbsp lemon juice

Salt, pepper, honey/ brown sugar

Pomelo zest, mint leaves, peanuts (optional)

Apparently, this recipe is super easy to make so, I guarantee it won’t take more than 15 minutes to get it ready for your tummy.

Let’s get started!

pomelo salad prep

Step 1: Peel and cut your fruits

You need to peel the pomelo, and avocado. I love how the pomelo peel leaves mild and lovely fragrance on your fingers whenever I peel it. You can keep the peel to make another kind of Asian dessert, which is sweet soup. You also need to cut out all the section of the pomelo into small bites. For avocado, after peeling and cutting into dices, you can squeeze some lemon drops into the avocado to keep the fresh look of avocado.

Step 2: Make the sauce!

It should not be too complicated here as all you need for the sauce is too basic. You can mix olive oil with salt, pepper, honey or brown sugar and drizzle some lemon into your mixture. You should adjust the level of lemon juice depending on how sweet and/or sour your pomelo is.

Step 3: Mix everything together!

Once done cutting your fruits and preparing the sauce, you can mix them well in a big bowl. I like mixing the foods altogether and seeing how all the colorful fruits give a beautiful look to my bowl.

Step 4: Serve and enjoy!

pomelo salad afw

You can serve it in a plate as a salad or appetizer for your family’s meal. You can chop some mint leaves and peanuts for better taste. And you’ll have a nice, delicious and healthy meal for the whole family with less than 2 bucks and 15-minute cooking time. Isn’t it wonderful?!

This time, my boyfriend became my assistant in prepping the food while I was cooking the ordinary meal for my parents. He peeled and cut the ingredients, and I just gave a final touch with the seasoning sauce. So, apparently I enjoyed my cooking time in our kitchen. How about yours? Don’t hesitate to share your fun story in the kitchen with me! I would be excited to know that you all also enjoy cooking time like me!

pomelo salad

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Thank you for reading my blog! See you next time for any fun cooking time that I have experienced. 🙂 

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