Dessert Recipe With Lychee Fruit

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Today, I'm going to introduce you one way to enjoy lychee fruit- one typical kind of Asian fruits by making some dessert. This summer dessert can cool down your body and provide your body with a lot of beneficial nutritions. 


In my earlier post, I have talked about how lychee fruit is the “magic fruit” in terms on nutrition and benefits, hence, today, I would like to introduce one simple soup (usually for desserts or snacks) that you can totally make it at home. It’s called che hat sen, or sweet soup with lotus seed, mu trom (or sterculia) and litchi. I want to briefly talk about lotus seed, and the other main ingredients.

Lotus Seed​

Lotus seed is one of the most healthy vegan foods for our bodies. It is a good remedy for anemia, insomnia and diarrhea. It also helps anyone that has poor appetite. What’s more, it also supports the mechanism of melamine, which indeed fights against aging. I know, this is perfectly for us women as who does not like anti-aging food?

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Oh, wait! There’s even more!


sterculia asianfruitworld

Another ingredients, mu trom, is also healthful source of plant-based food. It is usually added in drinks as the “coolant” for our bodies. It is believed to have mildly sweet taste, with the effects of detoxification and laxative treatment for constipation. The polysaccharide in this food also regulates blood sugar, stabilizes blood pressure, cools and detoxifies the liver, and helps heal wounds. Wow, it sounds like another “miracle food” here, doesn’t it?

Both of these ingredients can easily be found in any Asian grocery stores or markets. Make sure you will check it out soon. When buying, make sure you buy it fresh or you can ask local person at the store to know how to pick them.

I bet you can’t wait anymore to actually cook something with these foods. Let’s get started.


1 cup/ 7 oz. lotus seed

1 cup lychee

1 cup mu trom (optional)

¼ cup granulated sugar (you can use other kind, but this will make the soup look more transparent and nicer)

A pinch of salt

lychee fruit fact

Step 1: Prepping

Lotus seeds: After soaking and washing them thoroughly.

Mu trom: finely chop it then add to cool boiled water to soak it.

Lychee: wash through, peel and take out all the seeds from this litchi fruit.

Step 2: Cooking

You can start cooking them on the stove for about 30 minutes until the lotus seeds are all softened. 4 minutes after you turn off the heat, add enough sugar just depending how sweet you want it to be and salt to enhance the taste.

Then, 2 minutes later, you add the lychee fruit into the sweet soup with well-cooked lotus seeds.

Step 3: Serve

You can serve it warm or cold as this is one kind of desserts. When serving, you can just add mu trom into the soup as of what you want.

Step 4: Enjoy!

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Now, it’s ready to eat.

Your soup has that tempting savory sweet taste that you can barely resist. Trust me, I have never fallen out of love for it.

This soup is not only a wonderful summer treat but also a good source of healthy nutrition that will keep you away from several diseases.

Also, in my recipe list, I have shown you how to cook simple but good meal with pomelo, and oranges. This time, it would be something even more fascinating: lychee. 

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Next time, I will talk about facts of mangosteen. So, make sure you hang on, not for long.

Have a nice day!

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