Diet plan of celebrities- does it really work?

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Diet plan of celebrities- does it really work?

It is quite common that a new weight-loss trend is always backed by a celebrity. And we usually mention about the healthy diet plan after any party or occasion, i.e. Christmas.

But which weight-loss plan is actually effective?

The British Nutrition Association (BDA), founded by a number of food and nutrition experts, has studied on the diets of some celebrities and made their judgment on them.

1. Clean eating

Those who were reported to follow this diet, including super model Miranda Kerr and actress Jessica Alba, ate "clean" foods and avoided all processed foods, meaning eliminating refined sugar, processing everything fresh and eating foods in their "natural state".

jessica and miranda afw

Jessica Alba and Mirander Kerr are the ones who have eaten clean.

Some versions of this mode even remove gluten, cereals and milk related food.

According to the BDA: "Clean" or "dirty" foods are related to and may lead to "orthorexia", a syndrome that makes people become obsessed with sticking to foods considered beneficial and eliminating “unhealthy” foods.

The truth is, there is no scientific evidence that truly nutritious foods, such as cereals, fruits and milk, are considered "unhealthy".

There is no need in avoiding any food unless you have an allergy or body that is intolerant according to medical diagnosis. And sometimes, the recommended alternatives - like coconut oil and sweet syrup - are high in calories, more expensive and no better in nutrition.

2. Weight Loss Pills

sam faeirs and kim afw

Kim Kardashian and Sam Faeirs are typical examples for having weight loss pills.

These weight loss pills prevent your body from absorbing fat, dissolving fat or reducing appetite. Kim Kardashian and Sam Faiers of "The Only Way is Essex" are known to have used them.

BDA advised that we not use weight loss medication without talking to your doctor, pharmacist or dietitian. What’s more, Diet Spotlight pointed out that most of the ingredients in the pills are actually ineffective. Some pills even were found to contain ingredients such as pesticides, unsuitable for use and proven deadly.

Pills can cause serious side effects like diarrhea - and if pills are purchased from unregulated websites, buyers have no way of knowing the ingredients.

3. Tea cleanse

Tea cleanse is also known as teatox. Nicki Minaj and Kylie Jenner have described these products in their Instagram accounts.

"Tea cleanse" is an acronym for tea detoxification, which is said to help improve skin tone, reduce bloating and reduce weight.

These types of teas usually contain addictive substances, diuretics (help drainage) or laxatives, such as senna, which are unsafe if used for longer than one week without medical supervision.

Any weight loss results from dehydration. Replacing foods and high-calorie beverages with these teas can lead to weight loss but we would face high risk of side effects like diarrhea, dehydration and even bowel damage.

4. 6: 1 Diet plan

chris martin 6:1 diet

While Chris Martin (Coldplay) carried out 6:1 diet...

This “formula” has been upgraded from the 5:2 formula that most of us already knows. For anyone who does not know what 5:2 diet means, according to BBC Good Food , in this diet, you will eat whatever you want five days a week and put your body in starvation mode for the other days two. The new diet will be normal for six consecutive days and then not eat anything for the seventh day. Coldplay singer Martin's Chris Martin has reportedly applied the method.

According to the BDA, if people lose weight without proper control, they will always feel tired, distracted, and depressed. This is indeed very dangerous, depending on your health, age and lifestyle.

If you can manage your diet, talk to a health professional to make sure you are healthy and safe.

5. Green juice

...Rosie, Gwyneth and Blake preferred the green juice diet!

Do you agree that green means healthy? Juices or smoothies are made from various kinds of fruits, vegetables and powder. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Blake Lively and Gwyneth Paltrow are said to be fond of these drinks because of great benefits from body to anti-aging and weight loss.

However, BDA pointed out that juices are not that needed or required. They certainly do not make an unhealthy diet better, or have our bodies detox perfectly.

In addition, people are often tempted to add nuts, coconut oil and butter to the juice at breakfast. Thus, each cup of juice can have up to 400kcal. Instead, eating a normal breakfast seems to make you gain weight, not lose weight.

BDA's advice is to keep fruits and vegetables in their natural state, or limit juice to 150ml (5oz or 1/2 cup) every day.

So what is their advice in general?

The following points are addressed in the Eatwell Guide, which is supported by both BDA and NHS Choices (public health systems) 

• We should set a target of five servings of fruits and vegetables each day, especially fruits that can detox our body

• We should also choose a wide variety of good colorful foods and vegetables.

• Adding a starchy food, such as bread, bread, cereals, potatoes, rice, oats and pasta (preferably whole grains) is advised.

• It is also better to choose lean meat and fish, high in fat, several times a week.

• Three low-fat, low-fat calorie dairy products, such as yogurt or a box of cheeses, are highly recommended.

• It is better to eat cooking oil and low fat spreads.

• We should try to cut down on foods and beverages that have high levels of sugar or fat

• It is important that we make small changes gradually but surely.

• Enjoy a variety of foods in the right proportion.

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