Do You Love The Delicious Mango?

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Today, I will walk you through another popular Asian fruit that I bet, most of you have tasted it and have loved it since then- mango. Mango has the mild fragrance, and sweet sour taste that no one can fall out for it.


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It is such a common tropical fruit that has been used in various food recipes. Let’s altogether find out several of its amazing facts, like where it comes from, how it looks like and how it tastes differently among varieties.

What is mango?

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I know this question sounds silly, but usually we just know it as a kind of fruits, and we barely know how it has got this popular. So, mango is a yellowish-red tropical fruit that comes with very rich flavor. It is actually one of the most popular fruits in warmer sub-tropical climates and belongs to the same family as pistachios and cashew nuts (This is something fun and different I just got to know about mango). Over the years, the fruit has been crowned the king of fruits. And did you know that more than (surprisingly) 20 million tons of mangoes are produced each year? Today, Mexico is the major exporter of this fruits to the rest of the world. Raw fruits will ripen at a room temperature within a few days. On the other hand, 83% of this fruit consists of water, making it the best fruit to have during the summer. Through the introduction of certain varieties, mangoes are now available throughout the year in different countries.

Where was it first grown?

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Even though it has been widely produced and distributed from Mexico, surprisingly, it was still a myth. Some people believed that it was first seen from sub-Himalayan plains in India and south East Asia back in 1590 A.D. Until today, the fruit is still considered a sacred fruit by Indians. Later, in the 16th century, its seed was traveled to East Africa, Middle East and South America. In 1880, they were introduced to California. However, others argued that in the 10th century, this Asian fruit originated in East Africa. Either way, now, you can find it easily almost everywhere. Fascinating, isn’t it?

How does mango look like?

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It is such an easy question to answer, you may think. However, it is not just typically yellow. In fact, this kind of tropical fruits come in different colors ranging from yellow, orange to red depending on the variety. Inside the fresh part of the fruit, there is a mango seed. They vary in terms of shape from round, oval to kidney-shape.

And did you know each variety tastes different?

First, some kinds of ripe mango will have extremely good fragrance aroma. And it tastes best when allowed to ripen on the tree. The skin is pretty thin so you can easily peel it and enjoy the rich natural flavor. However, some varieties like Totapuri mango taste well when they are unripe. If you want to enjoy the best flavor, you should eat it alone without any additions like seasonings. Most varieties of unripe mangoes have a sour taste. The flavor of the fruit is, of course, distinct from other fruits like those in citrus family (e.g., pomelo). It is quite difficult to tell whether the fruit is ripe by just lookingat its skin. The best way to test whether it is ripe is to press it a little. If it is ripe, it will be softer and juicier.

How do we usually enjoy this delicious fruit?

As one of the early Asian fruits, it is commonly used to make juice and nectar. Further, they are also used as a favoring agent for ice-creams. Others, like me, use it to make some favorite dessert. So, I have made some rice pudding dessert in a glass with mango and strawberry, you can check it out my blog. For unripe fruits which tend to have a sour taste, some people like to eat them with salt, pepper or lime juice.

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In general, this Asian fruit has distinctly awesome taste. So, why do you leave this fruit just in the grocery store? Good thing is that it is currently the season of mango, so the price is extremely low. If you have been looking for some kind of fruit for your hot sunny afternoons, this tropical fruit should be on the top of your list.

I hope you’ll like my article today. And if you want to know the other good sides of mango, in terms of its health benefits, don’t miss my other article in my blog.

So, have you tried other Asian fruits like lychee, mangosteen, sweetsop or soursop? Let me know how you experience with these fruits. That would be crazily amazing to hear!

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