Fruit Festivals from West to East Coast

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It’s summer time, so it’s time for festival! You may wish to find a place so that you can not only share fun moments with your friends and family but also you can get a chance to taste amazing seasonal fruits. Let me introduce you, my friends, several outstanding and popular festival around the US.

Fruit Festivals around the US 2017

1. Firebaugh Cantaloupe Round Up Festival 2017

Soybean Field Rows in summer

Location: Dunkle Park| Firebaugh, CA

Have some family fun at the significant event that takes place yearly at the Firebaugh Cantaloupe Round Up Festival from July 27-30. With the late spring harvest season, this festival definitely will offer you interesting varieties of exercises including carnival food and drinks, amusements, rides, music, etc. before college students get ready to go back to school. Check out here for more information or here for more fun photos.

2. Historical Museum at St. Gertrude Raspberry Festival 2017


Location: Historical Museum at St. Gertrude|465 Keuterville Rd Cottonwood, ID

Have you ever wish you would be surrounded by a big raspberry field? Wish no more because now you can dive yourself into the land of raspberry at Historical Museum at St. Gertrude Raspberry Festival in Cottonwood, Idaho in August 6, 2017. Of course,. besides fresh raspberries and other raspberry treats, which are the irreplaceable parts of the festival, it also provides us with some live music, car show and even entertainment for our children Check out here for more information.

3. Naples Watermelon Festival & Rodeo 2017

Source: County Line Magazine

Location: Naples Rodeo Arena|103 Floyd St Naples, TX

No one dislikes watermelon and Naples, Texas’ Watermelon Festival & Rodeo is the perfect place to eat watermelon as much as you want. It is the kickoff to summer which has usually been celebrated on the final weekend of July every year starting from 1938. It is located at Naples Rodeo Arena in Texas during July 26-29. You will enjoy those refreshing moments with free watermelon, a festive parade and some street dances. Visit the arts and crafts booths for handcrafted goods from local artists. It also provides you with some live music and various entertainment activities for children. Check out here or at their facebook for more information. 

4. Valliant Watermelon Festival 2017

Location: City Park|100 Lucas St Valliant, OK

Also for watermelon fans that live in Oklahoma, you cannot miss Valliant Watermelon Festival where your whole family can enjoy traditional vibe with some slices of watermelon. You can enjoy not only fresh watermelon, but also many other treats such as slushies, salsas, etc. Of course, car shows, live music, and also a watermelon eating contest will also be introduced. Check out here for more information.

5. Louisiana Watermelon Festival 2017

Location: Farmerville, LA

Another watermelon festival will also take place in July 28-29 in Louisiana. Get away from this hot weather by joining everyone for this Louisiana Watermelon Festival. You can see how big, heavy but still delicious the watermelon can be grown through their contests. We can also celebrate the festival with the street parade, a tennis tournament, street dancing and many more of other activities. Check out here for more details.

6. Munger Potato Festival 2017

Location: Munger Michigan

“Haters gonna hate, potators gonna potate” Let’s potate by joining the Munger Potato Festival on July 27-30. What’s more, the family will have a chance to do some exercise through a 5K Spud Run, play some fun pokers at a casino, and attend a beer tent filled with delicious drinks, and even pageant contests, etc. Check out here or here for more information.

7. Grainger County Tomato Festival 2017

Source: online

Location: Multiple Locations in Rutledge| Rutledge, TN

Let’s change the environment through the trip to Grainger County Tomato Festival for Tennessee citizens. This weekend will be filled with the tastiest and freshest tomatoes, full of live entertainment and music, arts and crafts. What’s special about this festival is that they also hold Famous Tomato Wars where you’ll simply “fight” with your friends by throwing tomatoes at each other. Check out here for more information.

8. New Jersey Peach Festival 2017

Location: Gloucester County 4H Fairgrounds|275 NJ-77 Mullica Hill, NJ

Any peach lovers here, especially when it is the peach season in New Jersey? This Asian fruit takes the spotlight this time at New Jersey Peach Festival. Life is so fine at this traditional country fair with lots of juicy fresh and processed peaches. We can also, together with our friends and family, pick all the fresh peaches and take part in lots of fun activities.

9. West Virginia Blackberry Festival 2017

Location: Clarksburg City Park|1183 Buckhannon Pike Nutter Fort, WV

Another kind of berries, blackberries, will get a chance to be celebrated in West Virginia at West Virginia Blackberry Festival 2017. You simply cannot judge them by their black colors as of how tasty and nutritious they are. Also, don’t forget to join the crowd with fun dancing, a car parade, live music and a variety of other cozy activities. Save the dates for August 3-5. Check out here for more details.

10. Deerfield Valley Blueberry Festival 2017

Location: Mount Snow Valley Chamber & Other Locations in Wilmington|21 W Main St Wilmington, VT

Blueberry is considered as one of 9 most popular summer fruits. And blueberry festival is promised to provide Vermont citizens with a lot of different blueberry products such as blueberry pies, blueberry jams, blueberry beer, etc. Like other festivals, music, parades will also be provided to make us enjoy our time to our best at the Deerfield Valley Blueberry Festival, starting from July 28.

Who said we can have fun at the same time as indulging our favorite Asian fruits? This can change your mind for sure. Spend some time during this week to join others for this fascinating summer fruit festivals. I’m sure you cannot feel bored at all. However, take a note that the dates may vary. Check out their websites for any updates.

Summer time definitely is a perfect time for festivals! These are places that you can enjoy fruits in the US.

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