Fruitarian- a new diet trend: Good or Bad?

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Fruitarian: Is it Good or Bad?

We may all be familiar with different types of eating diet such as vegan, vegetarian, etc. but how about fruitarian? Does it mean that you will have fruits 50% in your diet? Is it healthy or not? Check it out in our article.

Learn about being a fruitarian and the effects

Who is a fruitarian?

According to Independent, fruitarians are those who eat nothing but fruits. In other words, 75% of their diets consist of fruits solely and 25% of them are sources of nuts or seeds. It is said to be a subset of veganism. However, as a matter of fact, Cleveland Clinic advised that diet followers have approximately 50% of their fruits daily to maintain nutritional balances. Also, never forget the healthy fat source from various fruits such as avocados, bananas, etc.

Innovator of fruitarian diet

fruitarian steve jobs

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One of the most typical examples for fruitarian is Steve Jobs. It is believed that Ashton Kutcher, who played the role of Jobs in the same movie, tried out this diet. However, unfortunately, this diet caused him to be hospitalized for pancreatic diseases. So, what’s the main reason for this issue? One of them is that they lack helpful nutrients to keep our body fully survive. We will tap into many other issues in the Risks section below.

fruitarian ashton kutcher

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What are benefits of eating fruits?

As I mentioned before in various articles, fruits have a lot of different benefits. Some fruits like pomelos, rambutan vs lychee are great sources of vitamin C that can boost the immune system of our bodies. Some other fruits like custard apple are also rich of vitamin B6 which can improve the heart health.

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Some fruits like bitter melon can even reduce blood cholesterol levels. This is perfect for anyone who needs to stay in shape and wants to remove belly fat. Isn’t it nice?

What’s more, fruits in general are rich in fiber, which is essential in controlling the level of sugar in our body.

Undeniable risks of excessive fruit intake

Even though eating fruits may have a lot of benefits, eating too much fruits is another story. Anything that is consumed excessively can actually have adverse effects.

Gain in weight

Not so surprisingly, fruits are a great source of natural sugar. It is true that eating some kinds of fruits rich in vitamin C like pomelo can be beneficial for weight loss process; however, large fruit consumption can increase your weights rapidly.

Risks of Diabetes

Fruitarian diet is extremely worrisome for anyone with diabetic issues. Just as we stated above, fruits contain too much sugar to increase the blood sugar level in your body. What’s more, this abnormal diet is problematic for pancreatic and kidney disorder patients. Hence, if you ever think about taking on this diet and you have one of the problems as listed, this can seriously have adverse effects on your body.

Tooth decay

High content of sugar in fruits can cause you tooth decay as well, sadly. Specifically, Delta Dentalins has mentioned that fruit juice and lemons or citrus fruits can worsen your tooth health as it can erode tooth enamel if you keep those fruits too long in your mouth. Suggestedly, you should drink fruit juice with straw with little amount or not keep citrus fruits in your mouth for too long.

Insufficiency of fruits

As we all know, rich level of vitamins, calcium, or other fatty acids come from various kinds of foods. For example, vitamin B12, vitamin D and calcium are most commonly found in eggs, milk, cheese, while different kinds of nuts are known for their richness of omega-3 fatty acids. Without these essential vitamins and minerals, it can lead to many serious problems such as tiredness, immune system dysfunction or serious bone diseases. Hence, it is not a brilliant idea to skip these foods in your daily meals.


Naturally, if you prohibit anything, you would start to crave for it even worse later in time. It works the same for your diet. Particularly, restricting your diet from any other food can worsen your craving and food obsession, which in return will increase more risk of weight gain.

One of the most typical reasons for this is because when you put yourself into fruitarian diet, your body lacks many other vital substance to keep your body filled, and this will make you feel starving most of the times. What’s worse, you are not able to gain enough energy to enhance strength for your body.

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Fruitarian may seem new to many of us but it has been introduced for a while. What we find different in this diet is that 50% of our daily diet consists of fruits. This, however, is a concern according to many health experts because most of the minerals and vitamins are found in other kinds of food rather than fruits and by only having fruits can lead to many issues such as tiredness, system dysfunction, etc. Therefore, we should always be mindful of what kind of diet we choose that can be suitable for our body type and health.

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