How Can Meatball be This Delicious?

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The homemade meatloaf with tomato sauce that my mom made is not just an ordinary meal. It has a whole story together with the tremendous nutritional value in it. We can start making this easy yummy meatloaf by ourself for our whole family with the same love as my mom’s.

If we’re not familiar, in Asian families, moms usually packed the whole lunch box with a fully cooked meal. It can include stir fried meat and veggies, and a bowl of soup.

6 years ago, I was still in high school and my mom always wanted to prepare food for me. I usually started class really early, so at 6am my dad had to take me to school, while my mom woke up a little earlier to make some food for the family and also for me to bring to school. (She has always been this dedicated!)

How to make great meatloaf with tomato sauce

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My classmates sometimes just asked me, why I did not join them to eat food at school during lunch time since they had cafeteria and provided lunch as well. I just felt like, I was so lucky to have her prepare food for me daily with new delicious food and highly nutritious meal.

And meatloaf is one of them. It is so special in a way that it took more time than any other frozen meatball we can find in a grocery store. But what’s more amazing is that she always got it done even before I went to school early in the morning.

Now as I’m living far away from her, I recall all her wonderful daily meal. So, I want to dedicate this article to my beloved mom who always tried as much as she can to treat me with beautiful meal in life.

The secret lies on how she freshly made the tomato sauce, which made it taste less MSG, less processed and fresher.

Besides, tomato is one of the great fruits to cure fever, which we recently need during flu season.

Let’s roll up our sleeves and get started.

How to make delicious mini meatloaf



½ lb (300 gr) pork, ground

½ big-sized onion

6 shallots

5 garlic cloves

½ tbsp sugar

½ tbsp pepper, ground

½ tbsp fish sauce

1 red chilli


Slightly more than 1lb (or 500 gr) tomato

2 tbsp Brown sugar

2 tsp- 1 tbsp annatto seeds

1 tbsp oil

2/5 lb (100 gr) breadcrumb

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Step 1:  Cut onion, shallots and garlic

We cut onion and shallots into small dices. Also, mince well the garlic and put them all into a bowl.

Step 2: Make the meatloaf

It is obvious that making meatloaf is easy as a piece of cake! Put fish sauce, sugar, salt and pepper to season the meatloaf. Roll it in our hands to 2-inch size of meatball.

Put those meatloaf balls into the steamer and steam them in 10 minutes.

Step 3: Make annatto seed oil

It is very common that we use this oil many times in our home countries to color the food naturally. We can find annatto seed in the spice section of every grocery store. The way to make it is pretty simple. We heat up the oil with seeds in 5 minutes until golden. Do not over heat. Once done, we remove it from the heat and let it cool for an hour.

Step 4: Make the homemade tomato sauce

We cut the tomato into dices so that when we make the sauce, it takes less time for it to be fully cooked. Heat the annatto oil with some garlic and onion together, then add tomato and sugar and stir well so that it won’t burn.  We can simmer it on low heat for 15 minutes.

Step 5: Add the meat into the sauce!

Once the tomato sauce is thick and well-cooked, add the steamed meatball into the mixture. We cook for 5 more minutes so that it can absorb the sauce and flavor well.

If you like to eat spicy food, slice some chilly and add into the mixture.

Step 6: Decorate (I mean, enjoy!)

Serve it on the plate and pour the sauce on top. We can enjoy it with bread, rice or even pasta. The hot plate of meatball with tomato sauce can provide us with sufficient energy and nutrition to boost our immune system and body health.


In general,

My mom really values the nutrition inside each of our dish, so she always prefers cooking it fresh at home. And we as a family always appreciate her tasty food every single day. I now live far apart but always ask for her advice to make delicious food here.

If eating fresh is our style, this recipe can help us have a tasty daily meal with a lot of great nutrition.

Tomato is one of the irreplaceable ingredients to have for any soup when you have fever. What’s more important, it only helps you boost your immune system, and lose weight.

Check out 7 best fruits for fever.

This meal does not take a lot more time and energy than buying the canned tomato sauce but it does enhance our healthy life. I hope we can all benefit from this health and simple recipe!

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