How different is pomelo vs grapefruit?

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Grapefruit and pomelo are similar but different.

How different, or how similar are they?

We’re going to talk about grapefruit and pomelo, and how different they are. Many people actually think they are both the same but they’re not. So let’s get started.

Grapefruit vs pomelo: how different are they?

It is most common that these 2 fruits taste similarly sour because they’re all in citrus family. But they still have some distinct differences that can help us pick one over the other. (Somewhat, I do prefer pomelo over grapefruit and I’ll explain it later)

Their first difference lies on their origins.

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Some people may not know this, but pomelo is the natural citrus fruit while grapefruit is JUST a subtropical citrus, which is a cross between sweet orange and pomelo.

So, pomelo was first seen in Southeast Asia, while grapefruit originally came from Barbados. That’s why pomelo is sometimes called Asian fruit. Later in time, they all travel around the world and we can find them easily almost everywhere.

You can easily say that grapefruit has orangey color rind while most of pomelo’s rind is green to yellowish.

So, today we went to the market and we saw 4 kinds of pomelo in general. They are all green in color but the size varies from small to big like the size of my 2 palms.  

Let me cut them in half so you can see clearly how they look like inside. Let me tell you a little tip to cut the pomelo because sometimes, it’s too much to handle.

What is the right way to cut these 2 citrus fruits?

For pomelo, we cut off the top first, and as you can see, from the middle point on the top, you try to cut the fruit in half evenly, and then quarterly. Keep this in mind, we just cut off into the flesh but not through the flesh yet, otherwise, we will squeeze the juice inside unintentionally.

For the grapefruit, you just simply cut like an orange. Cut in half fully, not just the rind. Obviously.

Then you cut into small bite-sized pieces. You can eat just like that, but the endocarp, or the middle layer that surrounds the seeds, is really bitter, so it is better to cut them off entirely.

The peel of pomelo vs grapefruit: which one is thicker?

pomelo fruit asianfruitworld

And then, we peel off the pomelo, the thick but soft rind one by one. If this is too hard for you, cut into thinner piece again. Oh, I love how this smells so much! That’s why some big brands do have pomelo fragrance spray. Surprising right?  Anyway, after you’re done with it, use your knife to trim off the part where there are still thick skins, so that it’s easier for you to peel it apart. Finally, just pick out the nice and yummy yummy flesh inside out and enjoy.

You can see the difference when you cut apart these two fruits. For pomelo, since the rind is thicker, you should cut the top off the rind first, then you cut it out like a flower like this. So diligently like this!

For grapefruit, even though I agree that the rind is still thicker than that of orange, but it’s still thinner than that of the pomelo.

Well can you tell them apart by their flesh?

It depends. I got to know different types of pomelo, and yellow is not the only color for its flesh. Some species of pomelo have also the same flesh color like that of grapefruit which is reddish or pinkish.

How about their taste?

And how about their taste? This is my exciting part because I got to try out these fruits.

Well, the main reason why I like pomelo more than grapefruit is because it tastes sweeter and less bitter or tarty than the other one. You all may already know, it’s hard to pick the all-sweet grapefruit in the market these days.

Their benefits are similar but not quite. So, while grapefruit helps us balance the sugar level in diabetic patients, treating fatigue and malaria, pomelo actually boosts our immune system, supports in weight loss and prevents anti-aging symptoms.

Or you want to check out full benefits of pomelo. Obviously, it is super rich in vitamin C since with only 100grams, it can provide our body with 52% vitamin C of your daily value. It is also rich in fiber and potassium.

Check out how to lose weight with pomelo

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So, that’s it. Now, I believe you can easily tell apart which one is pomelo, which one is grapefruit when you go to the grocery stores.

What else do you want to know about fruits? Leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you in our next article.

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