How do we eat fruits right?

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Fruits are very nutritious and important for our daily meal plan. But are we eating them right? Check out our whole article to have better ideas on how to eat our fruits.


What are the best times to eat fruits?

Currently, there are many delicious tropical fruits that have been offered on the market. Especially, more and more Southeast Asian fruits have been imported and have traveled around our country. Some fruits have great health benefits to our bodies, such as soursop, mango, guava, etc. , even extremely good for people who want to lose weight and  detox the body. There are some typical Southeast Asian fruits that we can find almost every store, while some other rare fruits are harder to find but also very delicious. And it is commonsense that we would like to try as much as we can. What’s more, we always have a misconception that the more we eat our fruits, the better. In fact, it is more important that we know how to eat them properly.

Fruits are one of our diet and skin care essentials. We all know that eating a lot of fruits and vegetables will provide large amounts of vitamins that help maintain skin whitening, and clear acnes. However, when eating fruit, we often face the following major mistakes, in which, unfortunately, leads to the loss of the fruits’ nutrients.

Eat as a dessert after the main course

It is normal to use fruit for dessert after a meal. In fact, according to MD Health, eating the fruits when your stomach is empty, especially in the morning, is the best time. The reason is because fruits are often digested in our stomach faster than food. Instead of going straight to the intestinal tract, the fruit will have rice, pasta, bread ... "stopping." During that delay period, food and fruits are fermented and converted into acid, which causes you to have stomachache or abdominal pain.

In addition, many studies have shown that fruits contain high levels of carbohydrates and high levels of starch, which slow down digestion. Eating immediately after a meal will cause the fruits to accumulate, having the stomach, intestinal tract and pancreas overloaded leading to gas, constipation, bloating, etc.

Moreover, if you are full and have more sweet fruits afterwards, the total sugar in the meal will be very high, causing hyperglycemia which is extremely not good for health, especially for people with diabetes. We should eat fruit one hour before or after meals so that the body has time to absorb vitamins and minerals.

It is advisable for us to use fruits before meals. We may have this one question, how about those sour fruits or the ones with a lot of vitamin C? Would it be okay if we eat them with our stomach empty? The answer is yes. You do not need to worry about sour fruits such as pomelo fruit, orange, grapefruit, etc. by the fact that these fruits when entering the body are converted into alkaline. However, we should just remember not to starve your body after eating fruit!

​It's okay to eat sour fruits like pomelo, but remember not to starve yourself after that!

Leave them outside too long after peeling them

The longer we leave peeled, cut or juiced fruits outside, the more vitamins and nutrients they will lose. Therefore, the fruits should be eaten immediately to ensure the deliciousness as well as nutrients. If you have to cut the fruits for a long time before use, they should soak the fruit in a lightly salted solution (1%) to keep the vitamin C in the fruit.

Use only juice

Many people have the habit of squeezing fruit into juice or drinks with the thought of utilizing the benefits of fruits. In fact, the juice loses an abundant amount of fiber - the main element that helps your digestive tract stay healthy. Therefore, instead of just juicing them out, we’d better prioritize eating fresh fruits in their nature state.

If you drink the juice, take a small sip to make the absorption process more convenient and effective.

Above are the few tips to enjoy our fruits while still keeping their freshness and all of their nutritious value. Let’s altogether have our fruits in our best ways!

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