How To Cook Pomelo Desserts Easily

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The way to cook pomelo sweet (and not bitter) soup at home is simple

Grapefruit sweet soup is the delicious and easy to make dessert. In just a few easy steps, you can easily make grapefruit sweet soup at home.

Pomelo has been known for not only its nutritional value but also its sweet taste compared to other citrus fruits. 

But, do you know that the soft white peel under the outer skin, or the pomelo pith, can make the delicious meal for your family? Check this out.

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Pomelo is one of the wonder of fruits when it carries not only great nutrition but also has the nice fragrance and sweet taste. It is one of the best fruits for fever, and for weight loss.

Like Healthy Eating stated, pomelo peel can also be eaten in many ways: drying it, preserving it, zesting it, etc. And today, I'm going to introduce you to how you make sweet dessert with it. 

Step by Step on How to Make Pomelo Sweet Soup

How to Prepare the Sweet Soup

First and foremost, you need to buy the good and sweet pomelo. See the guide of how to pick the best pomelo in our website.

Next, peel off the green outer skin. You need to completely cut the green part because if left unpeeled, the sweet soup will be really bitter. Also, don’t cut it too close to the outer shell of the meat.

Soak the peeled skin into salt water for at least 2 hours. That would be even better if you can let it sit overnight. When soaking, squeeze about 10 times for the salt water to absorb in the grapefruit, then squeeze it under running water.

Soak about 2-3 times as much. The next time only need 30-40 minutes, repeat the step of squeezing under running water until when you bite it, it doesn’t taste bitter anymore

When you’re almost done with the last round of “squeezing”, you should not squeeze out too much water because the pomelo pith will be too dry and it won’t be as tasty.

Next, cut them into small pieces, add a little sugar to squeeze, let sugar permeate within 1 hour. You can also chop the pith even before soaking it into salt water.

How to Cook It

how to cook pomelo sweet soup 2a

Put it into the pot cook it on the stove. While still on stove, sometimes put in little water to the mixture until it is clear.

When it is done and still hot, you poured flour to the pomelo mixture. The most important thing is to pour the flour into the hot pomelo mixture to keep it crispier.

Then, boil the water and add the pomelo pith into the boiling water. When the grapefruit floats, pick it up and put it into cold water, and then put it on the basket to drain.

Soak and let the green beans sit in cold water for 2 hours, add a little salt to the water for more flavor.

Then steam the green beans on medium heat, or you can use the microwave for about 10 minutes. Be mindful of pouring less water into the bowl of beans; otherwise, it will get cooked until soggy or mushy.

When the bean is mildly soft, put it into the pot of boiled pomelo pith you made earlier and add sugar into the pot as well for better taste.

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Dissolve the tapioca starch in a small bowl of water, pour it into the pot and slowly stir the mixture until the soup thickens. The sweet soup should be very consistent.

When the mung bean cools down, add the cut pith into the mixture.

Take the sweet soup into the new level with some coconut milk

how to cook pomelo sweet soup

You can add coconut milk to use with this dessert. You can also add some grapefruit or pomelo oil to the bowl.

The bowl will smell super delicious with pomelo fragrance and the crunchiness of pomelo pith.

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I hope you can enjoy this sweet soup. Some other fruits like rambutan vs lychee can also make great desserts. 

If you have made it already or you have any other good way to cook it, feel free to share with us.

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