How to cut your fruits in 1 minute

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You are having hard time preparing your fruits before cooking or serving? Cutting fruits with tough skin or gently soft flesh can be a real headache to most of us. Before, it took me time just to wash and prepare my fruits. And if I overdo it, the fruits will simply get mushy and soft. And that actually does not look appetizing anymore. Then, I found these tips and would like to introduce to everyone here. It apparently saves me a lot of prepping time and these tips are for the most basic fruits that many of us may find it difficult to prepare.


Summer fruit cutting hacks

1. Strawberries

how to cut your fruits strawberry

Source: WikiHow

One of my other favorite summer fruits is strawberry. However, the way I usually cut strawberry actually wastes a lot of edible strawberry part. So here is the very simple way how to cut it right and do us a lot of favor.

- Grab and twist the stem to make the removal easier.

- Push the straw through the strawberry through the bottom so that it will go through the stem.

- Take the stem out through the straw and you will have perfect stem-removed strawberry.

2. Peach

how to cut your fruits peach

I really like peach as of how healthy it is, especially being a significant fruits for people with diabetes. But I usually have this upsetting time whenever I cut the peach and its pit inside just sticks too much to the flesh. And sometimes when you try to separate it, peach is also crushed. Below is the perfect way to slice the unpeeled peach and get rid of this situation.

- First of all, you need to cut it in half all around the fruit starting from the hole on top of the fruit.

- Hold each half of the peach and twist them in the opposite direction to loosen the seed.

- Simply pull them apart and remove the seed.

- Now, you can cut the peach into any type of slices you want or even unpeel the peach.

3. Pomegranate

If anytime you eat pomegranate, you have difficulty in breaking out tiny particles, this is the useful tip for you introduced by WikiHow.

- Cut the pomegranate fruit horizontally.

- Gently pop off and crack the cut pomegranate open to easily separate it from the peel.

- Use a large wooden or hard ladder and tap it hard onto the pomegranate peel so that each seed falls out of its shell and falls into the bowl.

- Pick up the tiny peel pieces from the bowl and now, you can enjoy.

how to cut your fruits pomegranate

4. Kiwi

The next challenging fruit to cut is kiwi because its skin always sticks hard into the flesh, and by cutting it the usual way, it becomes very soft and mushy. I found this useful tip on Huffington Post, and all you need is just a spoon. 

- Cut off two ends of the kiwi.

- Use the spoon to slide between the skin and the flesh of the fruit

- Spin the spoon around the skin and easily scoop the flesh out of the shell.

how to cut your fruits kiwi

5. Grapes

Last but not least, it is grapes. Usually, we don’t cut grape and just eat them solely one by one. However, if we want to decorate our food or make any kind of grape salad, you definitely want to cut it nicely in half in a large amount. This tip can surely help you do that as much as you want.

- Place grapes on a shallow plate and use another one put on top to keep the grapes from rolling.

- Use a long knife (e.g. bread knife) to cut through the aperture in between the two plates, the grapes will be cut quickly.

You can also use this technique when you want to cut tomatoes or quail eggs.

how to cut your fruits grape

Above are the few tropical fruits that I found it so hard to cut them. I hope you can also try it and have the same experience with me. Let me know how it works and thank you for following my articles!

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