How to Lose Weight with Pomelo Salad

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Are you looking for a healthy, simple and nutritious meal with fruits for your family?

Have you ever thought of fruit salad? But not the ordinary one?

I can relate to you. That’s why I made this delicious pomelo salad.

This salad is not only savory but also very nutritious and excellent for losing your weight.

So, no more talking, and let’s get started.

how to lose weight with pomelo salad

Is it easy to make pomelo salad for weight loss?

Absolutely yes. Not a lot of cooking time and less prepping time are absolutely perfect for home cooking.

What ingredients do you need to make pomelo salad to lose weight?

All you need is

1 pomelo

1 carrot

1/3 lb pork (if you’re a vegan, you can replace it with tofu)

1 tbsp Fish sauce (or vegan fish sauce)

2 tsp sugar (or 2 tsp honey)

Some mint leaves

Red chilli pepper

1tbsp lemon juice

1 tbsp peanut, crushed (if you’re allergic to it, you can replace it with almonds or walnut)

So let’s get your hand busy!

Let’s get you a delicious salad!

Step 1: Peel the pomelo.

If you want to keep the pomelo peel like this, you can cut into zigzag pattern around the pomelo.

My tip here for you is, you should start cutting 1/3 of the pomelo from the top of the pomelo down. The reason is, it helps you put more salad into the serving. Imagine it as a bowl, if you keep the dimension of the bottom bigger, your bowl will be bigger, and you can keep more food in your bowl.

Makes sense right?

Once you cut it well, you can start to take out the meat inside. Gently detach the flesh of the fruits from the pomelo peel to keep the shape. The bottom part of it is really tough, so be gentle and firm as much as you can.

Step 2: Fry, or grill your “meat”

If you are not vegan, slice the pork and marinate it with some salt, seasoning, honey and pepper. Then, grill it at 425oF for 15 minutes. Remember to turn it upside down to make your pork slice crispier and more golden brown.

If you ARE a vegan, you can fry the tofu until golden brown. Also, cut it into cubes or slices like pork.  

Step 3: Cut your ingredients

For pomelo, gently break them into small-sized bite. It’s better not to use knife to press out all the juice.

Thinly slice the carrots and mince the red pepper.

Step 4: Make the sauce

I have to say, depending on how sweet your pomelo is, you can add less or no lemon juice at all into your sauce.

So in my case, the pomelo is, well, not sweet at all, so I don’t use lemon juice at all.

Instead, I use only fish sauce and honey. But if your pomelo is really sweet, sometimes, if it is the season of pomelo, you would be surprised how it can be THAT sweet. Then, add 1 tbsp of lemon juice into the mixture.

Funny right?

Mix them well altogether and pour them into the big bowl with all ingredients you have cut earlier.

Step 5: MIX, MIX, MIX

how to lose weight with pomelo salad 2

Use your hands to mix well the salad. Last but not least, lightly mix some mint leaves and crushed peanuts into your salad. You can also put some on top to make it look more appetizing.

Put your salad into your “pomelo” bowl for better decoration.

And just enjoy!

The sweetness and sourness from the pomelo together with the savory marinated “meat”, the crunchiness of nuts and a little spiciness from chilli pepper can make your family ask for more!

Pomelo truly has the positive effects of weight loss and burning your fat. There are only 72 calories in one pomelo, so depending on how good your stomach is, having a half to one pomelo per day can help you burn a lot of excess fat and consume very little calories.

how to lose weight with pomelo infographics

What else can you make with pomelo to lose weight?

If you want to enjoy pomelo juice, try this menu in your daily diets and see the effectiveness from the pomelo.

And do you know that, pomelo peel can even make such a delicious dessert soup for your family?

If you are curious to know how to make it, leave a comment below and we will get back to you soon.

Or no more pomelo for you?

No worries, we have shared some other recipes to cook with fruits.

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