How To Make Amazing Oatmeal With Fruits

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You doctor told you, “You should start eating oatmeal! Everyday!”

But you are so sick of eating it with this routine.

You are not the only one!

That’s what my husband thinks at the beginning as well. But then, with a little more décor activities, he now wants to eat it every day, and especially with fruits.

With these 4 ways to make it and easy-to-find ingredients, a delicious bowl of oatmeal is within your reach.

Sounds good?

Let’s get started.

*Exclusively: This is only applicable for anyone who has a fast-paced life, wants to make fast but HEALTHY breakfast with a bye bye to fast food and frozen fruits.

 4 ways to be excited to have daily oatmeal with fruits

One of the few reasons why my husband loves eating oatmeal is, first of all, because he does not have to make a lot of decision on what to eat every morning.

We are busy couples! We wake up from 5.30am to start our day, and we prefer having quick breakfast.

So, oatmeal seems like a good option for him. And we can also have a cup of juice with the number one masticating juicer we just got.

oatmeal with fruit recipes 5

But, that’s not enough.

To really enjoy it takes more time and effort.

At the beginning, he was so reluctant to keep the habit every day because he thought, oatmeal is so boring!

Even my sister-in-law said that it tastes like paper! (meaning it’s too plain!)

But I have big belief in oatmeal, that oatmeal can be the next “rice”, or “next carb option”!

So, every morning I decided to make something fast with oatmeal and fruits (Luckily, we both love fruits!)

(Scientifically) simply speaking, we divide our bowl into 3 layers: oatmeal base, protein base, and fruit base.

The oatmeal base

Sometimes, you can mix cinnamon in your oatmeal base, and most of the time we just microwave the traditional oats for 2 minutes. Or you can even cook it with milk on stove.

Caution: Cooking with milk is challenging sometimes in a way that you need to keep stirring not to get it burnt on the bottom.

In the protein base,

We would love to add some nuts, some peanut or almond butter or coconut milk. Most of the time, we add cocoa powder, matcha powder and honey to give some flavor to the oatmeal. My husband also likes it this way because the oatmeal can absorb the sweetness from honey to make it tastier.

Yay! Giving the flavor to your oatmeal is not that hard.

In our fruit base,

We want to add a layer of fruits on our oatmeal.

This is what’s exciting!

I love decorating our foods. This may not be the best since I just got started but the way we do it is awesome!

So I thinly sliced our fruits like mango and decorated like a rose (sometimes!). I learned this tactic from Fruity Fresh Juicy and it is super easy to do!

How come is it fast to make?

It may seem like a lot of work, but as a matter of fact, you just need less than a minute to cut 2 slices of mango, strawberries, or avocado.

Let me give you 4 basic kinds of oatmeal that you can make and decorate. These also involves with how I have improved in my cooking skills.

Sounds like fun!

Oatmeal show with fruits begins

oatmeal with fruit recipes 7

For our first bowl

This one is oatmeal with banana, strawberry and papaya.

All we need is 5 strawberries, 1 banana and (funny enough) few slices of papaya.

Thinly slice the strawberries like how you slice your mango.

And I put cocoa powder for the base. It makes the bowl more “proteiny” and nicely bitter.

Our second bowl, the décor is still basic and simple!


So this time, to add more good fat, we have avocado! Since avocado does not give you any flavor, it’s better to add some honey onto it.

Then I also had ½  pears,  1 tsp raisins and 1 tsp cocoa powder.

I also added ½ tbsp peanut butter to add more protein to the bowl.

Our third bowl, I tried out the decoration with mango.

Let’s see the difference here.

I added some avocado again, with mango and some strawberries.

This is spring season, so strawberries are nothing but sour. That’s why, adding honey or any other syrup onto it may be the great idea!

Again, our protein base had cocoa powder, since it tasted really good with fruits!

Our next bowl, revolution!


I had some mango again with raisins, pears, and avocado.

We decided to go with some matcha powder on the protein base.

It does look better!

To sum up

According to Health Line, Oats, or oatmeal, is our superfood as it provides us with a lot of nutrition, antioxidant, and necessary nutrients. It helps you lose weights, improve blood sugar level and lower cholesterol.

With adding some fruits, this can make your bowl yummier and you can even give kids to try this bowl with some minor decorating skills. Your children will surely love it!

Ideally, having it with a cup of veggie juice with the best masticating juicer is what I need for breakfast.

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