How To Pick And Cut This Giant Fruit

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Do you want to know how to cut jackfruit when you want to enjoy it at home?

Are you frightened when seeing that giant fruit unopened?

I understand your concern.

That’s why today, I will give you full tutorials on how to cut it perfectly without missing a single piece of fruit meat.

Hang in there.

When a fruit can weigh up to 35kg (Yes! 77 lb, almost the size of normal 10-year-old girl)  and is 3 feet in height – it is definitely a huge task to pick, cut and eat it. The jackfruit is therefore, not an easy fruit to eat or even cut open! It is safe to say that picking or cutting a jackfruit is the hardest amongst all other fruits as it is like no other fruit at all.

An average apple is no more than 0.33 pounds and this compared to a 77-pound fruit is like two worlds apart! So let’s find out in this article below how you can best pick and cut the jackfruit in the easiest possible way with keeping the littlest mess.

How to pick and cut jackfruit

What is jackfruit anyway?

Jackfruit is one kind of Asian fruit that is extremely rich in antioxidant and vitamin C. Unlike other vitamin-C rich fruits like pomelo, orange, lemon, jackfruit actually gives us a really sweet (and interesting) taste. And furthermore, you can even lose weight with jackfruit, just like pomelo.

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When to Pick Out the Jackfruit?

The jackfruit is traditionally a fruit that is cultivated in the south-east Asia and has only recently started to get cultivated in other parts of the world. So, there is little knowledge and accuracy of information that people have about jackfruits in general. Before we talk about when is the best time pick out i.e. cut jackfruit, let’s look at its types.

  • Ripened Jackfruit

The ripened jackfruit is often smaller in size i.e. anywhere from 1.5 to 2 feet in height and is fully ripe. The color is yellow and the flesh is super soft. This is when jackfruit falls under the category of a fruit and is considered to be sweet in taste too.

  • Raw Jackfruit

The raw jackfruit is larger in size, possibly 3 feet or even beyond that. It is heavier, the flesh is not sweet but rather bitter-sweet and is very hard. The outer shell is tough too and it is greenish in color. This is its raw form when it is not fully harvested. In this form, jackfruit is treated as a vegetable and incorporated in savory dishes in Asia such as curries, soups and lentils.

Harvesting Jackfruit

When you cultivate the jackfruit, you are basically planting its seeds and waiting for it to harvest to its fullest mature form. By this way, it passes through all its growing stages, including the raw and finally ripe.

It’s time to cut this Asian exotic fruit.

Cutting jackfruit is the toughest part.

Can you cut raw, or green, jackfruit?

Absolutely yes. If you wish to consume it as a vegetable, you would cut it when it is green in color. In my country, sometimes we use it in our salad and it gives the chewy texture into the salad.

But ripe jackfruit in general is still sweeter.

If, however, you wish to use it as a fruit, you will wait till it is fully yellow in color.

Steps to cut jackfruit

There are several steps to cut this giant fruit baby!

Step 1: After picking the right jackfruit, you can start to cut it in half. A great tip here is to use a piece of wood of same length as the jackfruit length and a quarter inch thick. You can poke the wood into the peduncle point of the jackfruit to create a crack on it.

Step 2: Cut the knife at the cracked point down to the end of the jackfruit.

Step 3: Once it is open, use both your hands at each half of this Asian fruit and pull them apart.

It’s time to pick the flesh inside! .?.

Well, not yet! You still need to further split it.

Yes, I know, it’s tedious! Hang in there.

Step 4: Lightly coat your knife with oil. The reason is because it still has a lot of sap; this will help you avoid getting it stick hard into your fingers.

Step 5: Further split the fruit into quarters, just like durian (in case you have done it; otherwise, now, you know how to split 2 fruits at the same time! Awesome isn’t it?)

Step 6: Cut through vertically the inedible top that covers the flesh inside.

Step 7: Pick out the yellow flesh you can see inside.

Step 8: If you want to refrigerate it, you can keep the pulp inside and pick it out whenever you want to eat it. Or, if you want to try it now, you can cut around the flesh and take the pulp out.

Now, it’s time to enjoy!

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Precaution, precaution, precaution!

Absolute precaution is needed when you cut the fruit from its roots because it is so huge and heavyweight.

Slicing the Jackfruit

If you have not done this before, it will be the very interesting task for you. However, you must remember it can be a little tedious and requires precision. You have to carefully slice the jackfruit in half before you can start picking out the tinier fruit parts that is the flesh out of it. There are a lot of seeds and fibers that cover the flesh so you will have to go slow.

If you want to grow jackfruit, you can check out here.

Making some jackfruit juice is extremely healthy and good for your weight loss.

You can start making it with the best masticating juicer for better yield and little foaming.

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That’s how interesting it is to cut and pick the right delicious and yummy jackfruit. You simply have to cut it in half, then cut in quarters, trim the inedible parts, and then pick the pulp out of the fruit.

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Thank you and see you soon!

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