How To Pick Mangosteen

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How many times have you tried mangosteen? Have you ever wondered what the right way to pick the sweetest and yummiest mangosteen is? Generally, when picking it from the store, you should care about the size, the shell and even the little flower pattern at the bottom of the fruit.


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Last time, I have talked about how good mangosteen is to our body. Mangosteen is not only a tasty but also very healthful kind of Asian fruits. It is extremely rich in nutrients like protein, fat, carbohydrates, fiber, calsium, iron, phosphorus, etc. and vitamins such as B1, C. But, have you really tried it in the right way? Some people may find it hard to peel mangosteen without smashing the soft and juicy meat inside. Today, I’ll show you how to cut and eat it properly.


Why is it so hard to peel?

Mangosteen is somehow at the size of a tennis ball, the meat is white. The outer shell is very hard, and when ripe, it turns purple. What I like about this tropical fruit is that at the bottom, you can see something that looks like a tiny little flower pattern. And it is even amazing that this would show you how many segments there are inside. What’s more, it is often used as a dessert after every meal.

To cut mangosteen, you need to use a sharp knife to remove the hard outer shell. The way to do is very simple, you just cut clockwise its shell and remember to only bring the blade deep enough to not touch the meat. Then, gently use your hands to separate the mangosteen and use forks to eat.

Some people may want to cut it in zigzag pattern for decorations, so you can first peel a thin layer in the middle of the fruit, then use a sharp knife point to split the mangosteen in that pattern.

How can we pick the perfectly yummy mangosteen?

how to pick mangosteen

Even though when it’s the season of mangosteen in many Asian countries, which takes place usually in the summer, not many of us know how to choose the tastiest mangosteen. I used to rarely pick the very sweet ones until my mom showed me how to. And I’m so glad that she did because I could save a lot of money and time on picking some Asian fruits. To find out that mangosteen is not damaged or broken inside, you can take these several facts into consideration.

· What size?

Normally, you should choose medium or small- sized mangosteen because it is usually filled with more fruit meat inside, small seeds and better taste.

· What role is the flower at the bottom?

Below each mangosteen is a small flower pattern that I mentioned above. The more the number of petals (you can say so), the more sections it has and vice versa. The size of the petals is also proportional to the size and shape of the segments. This is also one of great tips on how to choose it.

· How about its shell?

Looking at the shell of this Asian fruit, the one with brownish color is better than reddish brown color.

· How soft should it be?

Mangosteen should be soft “equally”. What I mean is that when you grasp it, it shouldn’t be soft at one side but tough at the other one.

· Seasonal picking, yes or no?

According to many experts, it usually tastes the best only when it is in the middle of the season. I know we are all excited to try it right when it is season, but it is not the case for this Asian fruit. So, make sure we all wait for several days later.

mangosteen asianfruitworld

These are my few tips on how to pick mangosteen when it tastes the best. If you have more tips on how to pick it, feel free to comment and let me know. That would also be great to share it with everyone else.

Thanks for reading my blog! See you soon!

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