How To Preserve Soft Dried Bananas

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Having fun eating banana chips?

Do you know you can have more kinds of banana snacks including soft-dried bananas?

But preserving them fresh is not easy.

Worry not. I will show you several ways to preserve the soft-dried bananas.

Banana is one of the most consumed fruits in the world because of its health and nutritional value and are good for health.

Especially, in each growth stage, from green to ripe or matured, it can be used in many kinds of foods and snacks like green banana salad, banana sweet soup, hard-dried banana, soft-dried banana, banana bread, and so on.

From ancient times, we took advantage of excess amount of bananas to make up banana snacks so that it can be stored longer. And today, I will show you how to do it.

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The best way to preserve banana

This is how you can do to soft-dry banana in an “ancient way” when you have all the tools as listed below. 

Slice the ripen banana thin and pressed or leave the whole fruit.

Then, spread evenly on the bamboo mat.

Once banana is dried under sun in one day, you can dry it in ashes for one more day until it is crispy and dry.

Now, you have perfect dried bananas for dessert and tea.

It sounds complicated right?

Today, dried bananas are proven to be valuable, easy-to-find and nutritious food. There are many ways to dry bananas, but the most popular is still natural dried banana in the traditional way, while preserving the nutritional value, high fiber content and many important health benefits.

 There are many ways to preserve, but these days, you can easily get a food vacuum sealer in TeeBon House.

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Although dried banana can be preserved for a long time and easy, there are some small notes that wants to emphasize

How to store dried bananas

1. Bananas should be stored in a dry, cool place, or in a refrigerator to avoid loss of nutrients.

2. Bananas can be used for instant cooking, baking (making cookies), jelly candies, or making vitamins.

3. Avoid eating bananas or dried bananas when hungry, because there is a lot of magnesium and vitamin C. Although bananas are effective in promoting the activity of the digestive system, but eating bananas when hungry increase the amount of magnesium, loss of cardiovascular balance, and health damage. In addition, vitamin C in banana is high, but when you are hungry, it will damage the stomach, resulting in abdominal obesity, or indigestion.

4. Dried bananas can be eaten daily but you should not eat too much to avoid full stomach.

One best solution for preserving fruits is to have the food vacuum cleaner.

Vacuum cleaners have some great effects like preserving your food, enhancing your health and saving your time. Because of these great benefits, you cannot only preserve the food well but also save a lot of time and money to buy some new foods.

What are true benefits of food vacuum sealer?

When using vacuum machines to preserve food, you will no longer worry about food spoilage, moisture after a period of storage. Preserving food with vacuum will help prevent insects and bacteria from breaking food.

Also, vacuum food sealers help keep food fresh and flavorful.

Vacuums allow the bag to be zipped and completely automated. The suction speed of the machine is super fast!

Vacuum use has the following effects:

  • It protects the food against the oxidation of fats.
  • It inhibits bacterial growth due to lack of oxygen.
  • The automated vacuum helps prevent insect “intrusion”.
  • It protects the stability of the food taste, avoids mixing with other flavors of other in your refrigerator.
  • It keeps the natural moisture of food, does not make food evaporate, keeps food from drying out during storage.
  • It prevents the color of food stains due to moisture in the air.

Low-cost vacuum cleaner keeps food stable, safe and hygienic, avoid stinking. Food vacuum sealer is the method of taking oxygen out of food, in order to limit microorganism development and help prolong the preservation of food.

The only concern for this food is that it is only effective for dry foods, without water.

For fresh foods, this method only works about 1-3 weeks together with putting it into the freezer. It should be noted that the maximum storage time of food in the refrigerator should be only 10-20 days in the freezer, and within 2 - 3 days for the cooler.

Above are some of the easiest ways you can use to preserve your favorite banana snacks. This can easily buy here at TeeBon House.

It is so affordable that I simply use it not only for fruit snacks but also for other kinds of fruits.

You have used it? Leave us a comment to see how it works for you.

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