How your favorite fruit can tell who you are?

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How your favorite fruit can tell who you are?

Before, we have talked about about benefits of fruits such as those of rambutan vs lychee, pomelo, etc. Let’s have some fun facts with some popular Asian fruits today. Let’s see the kind of fruits you like can really tell who you truly are.

Let your favorite fruits tell your true self

If you like to eat apples

As said in Medical News Today, apple is truly a "nutritional powerhouse" thanks to its various minerals and vitamins. So it wouldn't be a surprise that apple is your favorite fruit. And it tells that you are a bit extravagant, a bit impulsive, hot-tempered and frank. Even for yourself, you are not a good organizer, but when you work with others, you are always an excellent leader. You love to travel and try to live your life un-waiting.

If you like to eat cherries

banana pear apple

Even though it is as sweet as rambutan vs lychee, life is actually not that sweet to you. You often face ups and downs, mostly related to work. You do not make a lot of money at the same time but always have to accumulate a little bit. With pretty good imagination, you are always looking for creativity anytime, anywhere. You are a sincere partner but not good at expressing emotions. The house with you is a mini paradise, you do not want anything more than the ones you love.

If you like mangoes

You are consistent and calculating so to influence you is not easy at all if mango is your favorite fruit. For you, either are you very fond of or you are extremely unpleased, meaning there is nothing in between that. You want to be challenged because you are always strong and energetic. However, with the person you love, you always appear to be a ‘good kitten’.

If you like eating bananas

You are always full of love, gentleness, warmth and sympathy. However, you are shy, timid and unnatural. That is why others sometimes take advantage of you because they know you do not dare to do anything against them. You give your loved the respect and appreciation, both in emotion and actuality. Your love always reaches the harmony.

If you like to eat peach

You are friendly, quite straightforward and candid. These characters actually contribute to your charm. You are easy to forgive, easy to forget all mistakes and always respect friendship. You are independent and ambitious. You are an ideal lover: fiery and passionate but also sincere and loyal.

If you love to eat papaya

Benefits of papaya are similar to those of rambutan vs lychee in a way that they are all good for your digestive system, and skin improvement. So it is a wise decision that papaya is your favorite fruit. You do not know what fear is and always challenge everything in life. However, for everything you do, you always think carefully and have clear considerations. You like meeting people and always take the time to visit at any possible time. Also, your humor is the attraction to the opposite sex. Isn’t it good news for those who are single?

If you love to eat oranges

You are patient and persevering. You like to work diligently and very carefully, not easily discouraged when encountering difficult work. You are shy but very reliable. You always avoid conflicts and always look for beauty at all times.

If you like to eat pear

If you put your mind to work, you will easily accomplish it quickly, but you are a changeable person in the face of difficulties and for that reason, your enthusiasm will decrease over time. When doing anything, you always want to know the results right away because you are not a patient person. You are nervous and prone to excitement. Even if you are not difficult to get new relationships, maintaining them is a big deal for you.

If you like pineapple

fruit basket

You make quick decisions and even act faster. You are quite "brave" because you often change their work without much “burden”. You have the ability to organize and not be easily discouraged by the work you think that it is within your reach. You are self-reliant, sincere and honest in transactions. Despite not being easy to make friends, once someone has become your friend, they will always be for good. You never have romantic gestures and are not good at expressing your feelings.

If you like grapes

In general, you are quite polite but easily lose control, though your head then "cools" down very quickly. You like beauty, always looking for and enjoying it everywhere. You are famous and are loved by the warm personality and nature of love. In your life style, you are always a good person to enjoy life.

If you like to eat custard apple or sweetsop

If you like sweetsop, you are humble and conservative, but sometimes too sensitive. You are immersed in your thoughts and forget about what is going on around you. You live quite ambitious, sometimes rigorous, detailed and or find the mistakes of others. You value a person's knowledge more than their looks and passions. In general you are a bit shy and feel uncomfortable in influencing others.

If you love to eat coconut

You are thoughtful and you think a lot and have important moments. Even though you are a sociable person, you have personal standards in choosing friends. You are stubborn but you do not risk your life. You are smart, quick and immediate, always trying to control every problem, especially about the job. Your lover must be good, at least equal to you, surprisingly.

Of course, what we consider in eating fruits is not only their good taste, but also their benefits like those in rambutan vs lychee. And once you fall for their tastes and benefits, somehow, it can tell the person who you are. These are just some fun facts for when you eat fruits. Hope you’ll enjoy it during your break time.

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