Is This Kind of Rare Fruits Healthy?

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Is This Kind of Rare Fruits Healthy?

We have talked about ackee , a kind of Rare Fruits, before. This time, we will introduce another interesting name for a kind of Rare Fruits, the agauje. It has a rather amazing background and facts that make it worth trying.

The health benefits of Aguaje

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What is Aguaje?

Aguaje is the next kind in the list of rare fruits around the world. Its scientific name is Mauritia flexuosa- Peruvian name, also known as the moriche palm. In essence, the agauje, or buriti oil, is the fruit of a simple palm tree which is indigenous to South American swamps and other wet areas as they favorably grow in the tropical weather. It is a moderately tall tree growing as high as 35 meters up.

Its anatomy basically consists of large leaves which ultimately form a round crown, yellow flowers and fruits that blossom between December and April with chestnut color and shiny scales.

Use of this rare fruit - Aguaje

Many people from South America have tried this kind of rare fruits for generations. The local people eat the fresh fruit, or use the creamy interior for juice, jam and ice cream. It even has its own “wine” which is basically fermented sap. The fruit is known as being very rich in vitamin C and vitamin A. They are great anti-oxidants which help in the development of collagen which keeps skin soft and young. The pulp is high in vitamin A which is great for night vision.

It is also a great ointment for burns and scratches. The buriti oil is great for anyone looking to filter and absorb UV rays from the sun. It is basically a sunscreen of sorts for the locals. People use its leaves for thatching or making baskets and cords.

Health Benefits Of The Agauje

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The recent interest in agauje arose mainly because it has the ability to be a natural stimulant of curves hence people give it the name “curvy fruit”. Below we seek to explain and dissect the truth behind this belief.

According to Women Fitness, the little research on the fruit has uncovered that the agauje has considerable amounts of “phyto-hormones”. In essence, phyto-hormones are simply exogenous substances which have the ability to work as the real hormones in the body. They are known to evoke responses similar to those true hormones. The phyto-hormones in agauje have the ability to mimic the female hormones such estrogens. It is believed that by eating the agauje, you are able to take in considerable amounts of hormones.

Balancing Hormones

A considerable amount of phyto-hormones helps to balance out hormone imbalances in women suffering from infertility. The considerable imbalances bring about uncontrolled mood swings. The agauje is a natural equalizer. However, definitely it is not recommended that we consume it in large amounts.

Smoothening skin

Vitamin Class pointed out that it consists of a natural anti-inflammatory reaction and helps ease the redness and calm the skin. It also helps the skin smoother and softer during the cold weather due to its richness in oil; for that reason, people utilize it in the cosmetics industry. It also includes Beta Carotene which is a powerful anti-oxidant and known to protect the skin and body against sun damage. In fact, there have been studies that show its power of filtering and absorbing ultraviolet rays that can cause skin cancer.

Strengthening bones and teeth

As mentioned above, this fruit is very rich in vitamin A, hence eating this kind of rare fruits can help strengthen many parts of our bodies such as bones, teeth, tissues and etc. Vitamin A is essentially beneficial for pregnant women as it can enrich the milk during breast-feeding.

Energy Boosting

Its high content in electrolytes, nutrients and vitamins makes it a great anti-ageing super food. It is actually believed that the Amazonians are pretty much young and energetic because of the agauje. What’s more, the agauje has high amounts of estrogen which are needed for the normal development of the female body. Intake of the phyto-hormones can help boost the development of thighs, hips and buttocks.

The aguaje fruit has been popular in many South American countries, yet it is still a mystery to many people around the world. Some people stay doubtful about its effects of enlarging the buttocks. However, it remains true that this kind of rare fruits is a very healthy fruit and its all-round healing and restorative properties make it a must try!

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