Is Unripe Mango Good For Our Health?

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Unripe mangoes are extremely beneficial for your health and bodies. Unfortunately, most of us do not really care or believe in that fact pretty well. No worries, today, what I’m about to say will be everything you need to know.


Welcome my dear lovable readers! Here comes the weekend! How was your week?

I’m so happy because I finally can find some time to talk about my passion for fruits. It has been a hectic week for me with all the exams, workload and reports. But the good thing is that I still treated myself with lots of delicious, fresh and healthy salad. Let me show you one of them, and just by looking at it, it makes my mouth watering.

mango salad afw

This is unripe mango salad. Yes, I just said unripe fruits. You would think fruits taste best when they are ripe. However, it is not the case for several other fruits such as mango, papaya, and so on. Here is why I say that:

What’s good to be a vitamin C rich fruit?

unripe mango afw

Like pomelo fruit, this is one of typical Asian fruits with a rich source of vitamin C, especially when it is green. The amount of vitamin C in green mangoes also contributes to supporting the body to absorb calcium, making the bones stronger. Vitamin C rich fruit can help the body fight infection and reduce the risk of blood disease because this nutrient helps increase the elasticity of blood vessels, promoting the formation of new blood cells.

Constipation no more!

unripe mango afw

Green mango has a rather high fiber content, which will support the digestive system better. Therefore, when constipated, you should eat green mango to help the digestive system better.

Due to the large amount of enzymes and alkalis found in green mangoes, the amount of protein to our body is easily digested, preventing digestive disorders.

Pay attention, anyone with liver problems!

Iron in green mango helps support and boost the immune system for the liver and keep the liver stay healthy. Consequently, eating green mangoes often helps to reduce liver disease, increasing bile acids to help improve your digestive system.

Great support to your immunity

Like mangosteen, this Asian fruit has an anti-inflammatory effect, increasing the body's immune system. The abundant vitamins such as vitamin B1, vitamin B6, etc. in green mangoes help the immune system stay healthy and stronger, minimize cholera, diarrhea, dysentery, digestive disorders, etc.

Oral health

A lot of us really care about our teeth or oral health so we should not ignore any fruits that can help your teeth stay healthy and strong. Green mango is indeed good for tooth gums, which can prevent tooth decay, bad breath and tooth decay.

Caution, still…

unripe mango benefits

Although the benefits of green mango are surprisingly amazing but not everyone can eat it, unfortunately. Some people with certain diseases, such as stomach pain, should not be eaten because when the amount of vitamin C in the mango is consumed into the body, it will highly increase the amount of acid in the stomach to make the disease more severe.

I guess, it’s time we should treat our unripe mango properly and enjoy all the excellent benefits it brings to our bodies.

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Thanks for following my blog today! I know how you feel better now if you ever have a chance to eat unripe mango. I would say, it is interestingly sour! And next time, if you’re interested in how to make that nice-looking salad, stay tuned with me. It won’t take you long to wait, I promise.

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