Pomelo Fruit Fact

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Do you know how many calories are there in pomelo fruit?

white pomelo

You may have heard about a variety of citrus fruits including orange, lime, lemon, grapefruit. These common citrus fruits are well-known for their rich nutrition. Today, I would like to introduce one other typical fruit in Asia that is also a member in the citrus family- pomelo fruit.

It is so popular in Asia, especially in Vietnam that you can find almost every market there. Hence, in the US, you can find it mostly in Asian markets, not regular markets like Ralphs, etc., unfortunately. This kind of Vietnamese fruits can be found in summer time, around July and August. It is believed to be very nutritious as well.

Like other citrus fruits, it's very rich in Vitamin C, it helps enhance your immune system, and digestion. Other benefits of consuming this fruit is cramp reduction, anemia prevention, bone strength enhancement, and helpful support in weight loss. Let’s see below for more details.

How was it introduced?

There is an undeniable fact that pomelo is a native fruit to SouthEast Asian countries such as Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, and so on. However, unexpectedly, in the year of 1696, pomelo was first introduced to Jamaica by a captain of East India Company ship. Later in England, people call it shaddick” and the name “pomelo” is rumoured to be the similar word for “pompelmoes” in Holland. Afterwards, Western people used to call grapefruit as pomelo as well. In some Asian markets, I still find people mixed up between pomelo and grapefruits. But you can tell them apart by the looks, the taste and the inner flesh even though they may be alike in size. Later in this article, I will show you the main difference amond pomelo, grapefruit and orange.

A good news for those want to find pomelo, it is currently cultivated in some parts of California and even Israel, so you can definitely find pomelo more easily than before at a budgeted cost.

Does it taste good?

Specifically, there are two kinds of pomelos: the one with the yellowish and greenish meat and the one with the pinkish meat. The skin in general is slightly different, from pale green to yellow. And normally, the pinkish inside pomelo is somehow sweeter and its segments are also bigger. It somehow looks like grapefruit. But the skin is thicker. In terms of taste, it is generally pleasant, sweet and mildly sour, which I personally prefer to that of grapefruit.

I remember once I visited back home, luckily, it was the season of pomelo fruit. It was sold only at around $1 per pomelo. With a fruit lover like me, I couldn’t miss the chance by grabbing a lot to eat almost everyday. The reason why I enjoyed it that much is not only because its flavor combination of sweetness and sourness, but also because of its surprising benefits to our bodies. You can find out more here why I strongly want to suggest you this fruit.

How many calories are there in pomelo fruit?


Amount per 100grams/3.5oz



Total Fat


Cholesterol 0mg


Sodium 1mg


Potassium 216mg


Total Carbonhydrate 10g


Protein  0.8g




Vitamin C


Looking at the nutrition table above, you can see that it’s very rich in vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, especially vitamin C. Adn it is also a low calorie fruit so it's good for anyone who wants to go on diet. 

Still, be careful of some cautions

red pomelo

Since this fruit is very rich in both vitamin C and potassium, those who have liver and kidney issues might be cautious in eating as it may reduce blood pressure significantly. Moreover, it may be not good to eat when you’re hungry, especially for those who have abdominal pain. Hence, it’s best when you eat pomelo 10-15 minutes after having your meals.

​How is it different from other citrus fruits? 

So, to better distinghuish pomelo among other citrus fruits, I will bring in 2 citrus fruits, which are grape fruit and mandarin orange to compare with.

Comparison Chart





thick yellow or green skin

thin orange or green skin

thin yellow-orange skin


the largest

the smallest

smaller than pomelo


South/Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia


Flesh Color

Creamy Yellow


Pinkish or red

pomelo fruit facts infographic

Infographic of pomelo facts

I love to share with you my interests in pomelo fruit. If you want to know more about its good sides for our bodies, check this out. If you have enjoyed the raw pomelo fruit and want to be creative in your kitchen, check out my recommendations for the handy yet simple recipes to cook it. And you only need less than an hour to cook a good dish for your beloved ones who enjoy the fruit like you do.

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