Should people with diabetes not eat fruits?

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Whether eating fruits can stabilize blood sugar and help prevent dangerous complications is what people with diabetes are worried about. Is it really bad for them to eat fruits? Especially, there is the list of top 7 fruits for people with diabetes such as orange, pomelo fruit, etc.

Is it bad for people with diabetes to eat fruits?

The role of fruits in health

As stated in Medical News Today, fiber in fruits plays an important part in managing diabetes to control the blood sugar level. Fruits like lychee vs rambutan are good source of fiber for the body because they contain both soluble and insoluble fiber groups. Soluble fiber is good for intestinal bacteria associated with bile acids in the intestine. It then reduces the emulsification of food for easy digestion, bonds with cholesterol and excretes them out of our body.

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Meanwhile, insoluble fiber helps limit the increase in blood sugar after eating in patients with diabetes, which prevent hypercholesterolemia and colorectal cancer.

Not only that, fruit is a source of cellular antioxidants such as vitamin C and vitamin A. On average, 3.5-5 oz (approximately 100-150gr) of fruits can provide an adult with enough vitamin C required daily. Vitamin C also increases the body’s resistance to infection.

Fruits with yellow and red color like mango, papaya, orange, melon, etc. are very good sources of carotene. Many other fruits such as custard apple, banana, apple are also rich in vitamin B.

Fruit also contains a rich source of minerals. Pineapple, persimmon, tangerine, guava, dragon contain a lot of Na, K, Ca while lemon, guava, watermelon contain Fe and many other substances that are all good for the body.

You don’t need to stop eating sweet fruits completely

According to a doctor in National Endocrine Hospital, Vietnam, most people with diabetes often feel reluctant to eat ripe and sweet fruits such as mango, grapes, pineapple, persimmon, etc. They often eat fruits that are considered less sweet such as apples, papaya, watermelon, and dragon fruit to control blood sugar.

However, what is important for diabetics is not about eating fruits that are more or less sweet, but about how much fruits they eat so that they do not have to worry about hyperglycemia. Some fruits like lychee vs rambutan are known for their mild sweetness but they contain rich source of vitamins and minerals

rambutan vs lychee how good
Rambutan vs lychee: Which one is healthier?

When eating, you can choose ripe and fresh fruits with moderate amount, from 5-7 oz (150-200g) per day so that the body does not lack the substance listed but is not excess with sugar level.

For example, with a 300 gr or ½ lb mango, you should only eat about ¼ lb or 50g equivalent to about half of a mango fruit. If you still want to eat it, you can another half after the next 2 hours. This helps the body to easily absorb and metabolize.

In addition, people with diabetes should eat the whole fruits but not drink juice, because the juice will lose a lot of fiber and half the amount of vitamins and minerals. Eating whole fruits will also make you feel better than drinking a glass of the same amount.

However, many people still prefer drinking several juices like pomelo, or acknowledge the benefits of guava juice to lose weight and keep their body in shape.

To sum up,

It is not completely dangerous to eat fruits when having diabetes. In contrast, eating certain amount of fruits can help the body balance the blood sugar level and ease your digestion. Therefore, you can still try out some fruits like pomelo fruit, rambutan vs lychee, custard apple, or drink guava juice to improve your health condition.

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