SKG Best Masticating Juicer Review

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With slow speed but high power, SKG remains one of the best masticating juicers we have ever reviewed to make the best juice, let’s say, for weight loss. Check out our full review.

The Goods and Bads of SKG Masticating Juicer

Juice in the market is getting more and more popular with the intention of losing weights. Many have set up profitable businesses selling various fruit juices like pomegranate, ginger, apple, beet, carrot and so on. But, you may ask, why do I have to pay a lot to drink some juice that can help me lose weight?

So the other day, I went to a local Farmers Market, bought some cheap season tomatoes, and blended them. But my VitaMix left me with a tomato sludge - perfect for sauces and soups – but not juice. This got me thinking again: Why don’t I buy a slow masticating juicer instead? And this model of SKG popped up right away when I searched for it.

Is SKG the best masticating juicer?

The design of this cold press juicer is so brilliant!

The package arrived with a hilarious idea of being a gift  box to any buyer like us. I supposed they tried to say the company has delivered such an amazing gift box to make juice!

The juicer weighs about 16 lbs or 7.2 kg with a steady handle on the side so you can easily lift it up and move around the counter. The machine itself is made of high quality anti-oxidation materials, called TRITAN. The motor is actually bigger than that of TRIBEST SLOWSTAR if any of us have tried to buy this.

On the other hand

chute skg best masticating juicer

This masticating juicer chute is wider and bigger than that of the other one, which is up to 3 inch, or 76 mm. So apparently a 1/5th of a normal-sized apple can easily fit in the chute so you save half the time cutting the apple in smaller chunks.

The good thing about having it as a bigger chunk is that it reduces the oxidation. We all know that oxidation is the process of changing color when the fruit is exposed in the air for a while. It is called browning reaction, said by Scientific American . Hence, it will also taste different and less fresh. The wide chute helps prevent this from happening and keep the freshness of the juice.

How much fiber can this excellent masticating juicer keep?

Unlike other juicers, this masticating juicer makes a dry pulp, retaining the fruit and vegetable fiber. Together with that, it can help yield a high amount of juice in different fruits as well. Let’s say, you want to juice some orange, you can keep up to 90% of the whole fruit. Amazing, isn’t it?

In short

You get a healthy boost from each fruit, important for a health-conscious woman like me.

Also, the juicer works quietly. I could care less about the noise, but my husband does. So owning an SKG is a win-win situation for us both. However, I do care about a few things.

The first is whether the juicer – any juicer – is easy to clean. Let me be honest: I hate cleaning dirty ones. You must take them apart, cleaning and rinsing each piece in turn before putting it them back together. I admit you must do the same for the SKG, but you do so more quickly and easily.

white skg best masticating juicer

For instance, to clean out any residual pulp from the strainer, use the provided 1/4-inch brush, scrubbing in a circular motion. The heavier parts are just as easy to clean, and you don’t even have to use soap. Cold running water and a hand sprayer will do just fine.

My second concern, or possibly for most of us too, is money. If an appliance cannot pay for itself within a month, I don’t want it nor should you. But if the juicer can make the most yield with little oxidation, it can be a good deal.

Why does it matter?

I care about how much a juicer can squeeze out what I stuff in it, and how fast it can do so. Oranges, limes, pineapples, berries, celery, you name it – the juicer must blend them into pulp pronto. So I put the SKG to the test.

I cut fruits and into 1.5-inch pieces and the vegetables into the recommended 1-inch length before dumping them into the machine’s 3-inch opening. Let’s just say I barely kept up with the machine. It’s that fast.

However, if a piece of fruit or vegetable sticks on top the rotating strainer, I recommend not pushing it down with a spoon or hard object since doing so destroys the strainer. That said, I still found the SKG’s build-quality and effectiveness wonderful.

How does SKG Masticating Juicer compare to other juicers?

waste bin skg best masticating juicer

First, let’s compare to TRIBEST SLOWESTAR, which is about $50 cheaper. Even though it’s cheaper, the power at 200 W is somewhat less satisfying than that of SKG, which stays almost 240W.
Less power means it slows down or get stuck under a heavy fibrous load, such as carrots and pineapples. Even so, when using any mixer, finely chop fibrous fruits and vegetables to extend your juicer’s life. And if possible, refrigerate your produce for better taste and yield.

Speaking of yield, both SKGs yield impressive amounts of fruit juice because of their greater power. But in the case of pomegranates, I discovered the extra power squeezes the seeds, leaving my juice pink. For darker and better quality juice, I recommend the TRIBEST SLOWSTAR, which doesn’t squeeze so hard, and regular juicers, which leave the seeds untouched.

However, all mixers yield low amounts of vegetable juice. Remember, they’re designed to squeeze out juice - a difficult thing to do with greens.

About strainers, I prefer the OMEGA J8006 for a reason that its finer strainer stands out for its ability to make clear juices.


The cold press juicer of SKG still makes slight pulp juice. For finer juice, I had to use strainer bags.

In terms of build quality, SKG was more impressive with its stronger plastics, making it less time for maintenance.

cap skg best masticating juicer

Great support from SKG for their masticating juicer products

What’s more, their support team is extremely responsive. When I had trouble with the motor, they responded my request and get it fixed right away. You can of course have some parts fixed for free under warranty.

To sum up,

Even though being a little pricy in the market, powerfulness, user-friendliness, durability are what I think of SKG. Yes, its $300 price tag appears high. But after making me 200 quarts of juice so far, I consider it a worthy investment.

With that being said, now all you need to do is to make the best juice for yourself.

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What's good?

  • check
    ​Ability to juice hard vegetables
  • check
    Requires little chop​​​​ping
  • check
    Slow RPM for better and nutritious taste
  • check
    Little oxidation

Bad stuff?

  • check
    A little pricy
  • check
    The juice is somewhat pulpy because of its strainer


PRICE: $307.00

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