Surprising facts of guava fruits

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If you already follow our latest news in weight loss, especially the best juice for weight loss, then you have no doubt heard of the benefits of the guava juice. But how much do you know about it?

Benefits of guava juice: where did it come from?

Guava is indigenous to southern Mexico. The plant belongs to the Myrtaceae family, and it may originally have grown throughout the tropical regions of the Americas.

There’s more

Areas that have a tropical climate have the best growing conditions for the guava, and trees now appear all over hospitable parts of the United States and the West Indies. The trees have been carried to parts of Vietnam, where the conditions are also suitable to grow them easily.

How does it look like?

Guava either is pure white or a pale yellow in its blooms, which either grow in clusters of three blooms or individually. The specific shape of the fruit depends on the specific variety. The largest guava is usually shaped like a pear or an egg.

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 If the fruit itself has a pale yellow exterior, the meat generally varies from pink or yellow to red. In the middle of the fruit are all its seeds, which also surprisingly mix in with the soft flesh of the fruit.

When will it give a perfect taste?

If the guava is green and unripe, it will lack flavor and be tough to eat, but when the fruit is ripe, the meat tastes sweet and has a crisp texture, often with a hint of incense in the flavor. The aroma of ripe guava is pleasant -- but keep in mind that before the it ripens, the flavor can be quite acidic.

Guava has a number of quality nutrients that promote good health. Some of these include Vitamins A and C as well as several of the B-complex vitamins.

Even better

Beta-carotene, lycopene, cryptoxanthin and lutein are flavonoids that all help the respiratory and digestive systems. You will find more vitamin C in one guava than you will have in several tomatoes of similar size.

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Guava leaves also have applications for good health. The leaves serve as an astringent, and many have used them effectively to treat dysentery and diarrhea.


The leaves contain methanol, which slows or even stops the growth of such bacteria as salmonella, shigella and E. coli. The crude leaf extract has antibacterial properties that can help ameliorate or even eliminate infections in soft tissue, burns and open wounds. In many parts of the world these treatments are a part of traditional medicine practices.

How can you eat guava?

Guava is exported and processed in many different forms. You can find guava as a fresh fruit, of course, but you can also find guava juice, jelly and jam. Guava syrup is a popular substitute for sugar and corn syrup as a sweetener, and there are candies that are made with guava as a sweetener.

Other uses of guava fruit

In the cosmetic industry, fragrances that contain hints of musk and fruit sometimes use guava. Pacifica's Hawaiian Ruby Guava has varieties for both men and women. Other examples include Sexy Little Things Noir Summer and Grapefruit-Guava of Fruits and Passion, both fragrances for women.

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You see

In addition to benefiting your health, the guava fruit also has ways to prepare you for a night out on the town.

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