The Best Masticating Juicer Reviews- NUTRIHOME

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Are you getting used to make juices but you do not know which one to get?

I had the same feeling 2 weeks ago before getting this NUTRIHOME Juicer.

NUTRIHOME Masticating Juicer is such a great deal if you seek for the best masticating juicer in the market.

If you are planning to add more healthy fruits and vegetables, then extracting the juice can be an option. This way you can consume a lot of fruits and veggies without even feeling that you ate a lot. There are several benefits of juice. First and foremost important is that it can be easily and a lot faster digested and doesn’t require much work on the digestive tract. This means you can get the nutrients quickly. Other than this you can consume a large number of fruits in the form of juices. Juice can also actually have the benefits of weight loss.

But, the point is which juicer to get. After all, there is always the best one among all. There are different companies who have developed several different types of fruit extractors but NUTRIHOME juice extractor is always considered the best. NUTRIHOME juicer reviews are currently considered to be on top of the list, which means it is always the best juicer to buy. Even though there might be a few defects but those can always be avoided as this is the best masticating juicer up till now.


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You might be thinking why is this considered the best juicer, right? Well keep on reading and you will find out why.

What’s inside the box of NUTRIHOME Masticating Juicer?

There are several basic components of the juicer all of which are easy to assemble and disband. The best part is that these components are really easy to wash and clean. The package includes:

Durable motor:

The motor is the main part of the juicer. Until and unless it doesn’t operate properly, the juicer won’t work. This the main reason why this juicer is made up of extremely strong and heavy-duty motor which means it will certainly last for a long duration of time.


An additional tray is also included with the package, which can be really beneficial for the extraction of the juice.


The pusher is the key-equipment of a juicer. Obviously, it needs to be strong as it pushes the fruits down and requires pressure, this is the main reason why we have designed a juicer with a durable pusher.

Worm and a juice container:

The NUTRIHOME extractor contains an extra worm and a juice container which can fill up sufficient amount of juice at a time.

Pulp container:

Other than the juice container, the juicer also comes along with a pulp container which helps in gathering extra pulp and prevents the mess caused because of splashing.

Cleaning brush:

Along with all these extra equipment, there is also a cleaning brush specifically designed for cleaning the equipment properly.


Moreover, the blender comes along with an extra filter, 4-foot power cord, and a comprehensive manual and warranty. All these things are necessary for your convenience and satisfaction.

What’s good about this cold press juicer?

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Let’s get to the benefits of the juicer first.

It can minimize the oxidation:

The foremost important and best feature of the NUTRIHOME juicer is that it runs at a slow speed of 80 rpm/minute, which ultimately results in minimum oxidation. This eventually leads to preserving more nutrients and minerals of the fruit so that you can enjoy healthier, higher nutritional value juice and best juice, for weight loss specifically.

It works quietly!

Yes, you heard it right. This amazing fruit extractor works without making noise. The approximate noise of the juicer is 60 decibels which means you won’t disturb anyone while making the juice. Now you can yield the best juice for fever or any other disease including the skin and stomach diseases, silently.

It is easy to operate:

Most of the companies have designed the juicers which are really hard and complicated to operate. But that is not the case with NUTRIHOME fruit extractor as it quite simple to use. All the buttons are really easy to operate and clear instructions are given, just in case you are having trouble in operating.

High quality material certifications:

The juicer is made up of strong and durable material. Not only this, it also has several certifications including ETL and CE. The main outer body of the juicer is constructed with ABS materials and the inner spiral chamber is made up of FDA approved food grade plastic which plays the key role in extraction.

It can yield more juice than other machines

As compared to the other juicers and extractors, NUTRIHOME yields more nutritional value juice as compared to the ordinary extractor. It yields approximately 40% to 50% more juice as compared to the normal extractors. Isn’t it amazing?

It is also efficient in energy

Furthermore, the juicer also uses less energy as compared to the normal juicer and blenders. The overall consumption of electricity is 150 watts of power along with 110 voltage. Which means no more extra electricity bills!!!

There are extra packages included

Other than the extractor the package also includes a juicer, juicer jug, brush, pulp jug, and user manual (which will help you if you are stuck with operating the juicer).

It is so simple to assemble!

The best thing about the NUTRIHOME juicer and blender is that it is really simple to use and assemble. There are no hard and fast rules to fit the equipment in order for extraction of the fruits and vegetables.

Surprisingly, it creates no foam while juicing

The foam free design of the extractor makes it completely different from the ordinary juicers. There is no extra foam or pulp formed during extraction which means no blockage.

It has reverse function

The pulp and seeds often jam the juicer. This is the main reason why this extractor is designed with an additional reverse function system which prevents jamming and clogging. With NUTRIHOME juicer and extractor it is really simple and convenient to extract the juices.

All the components are BPA- free.

Other than all these distinctive features the most beneficial is made up of BPA-free components which makes it free of bacteria or any other harmful infectious germs. This means now you can prepare the juice without worrying that it bacterial or infectious.

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What are the downsides of this masticating juicer?

Am I saying there is no flaw for this masticating juicerUnfortunately, this juicer has some drawback as well. Which obviously you need to look up to if you are intending on buying this extractor. Have a look.

It needs longer processing time

If you want to make juice for dozens of people immediately, then this is certainly not the best idea. The NUTRIHOME extractor requires a lot of time to make several liters of juice, therefore, it is not a really good option for making jugs of juice for a lot of people.

It requires some cool down period  

After the operation of 10 minutes, the juicer requires 10 minutes cool down period which again means it’s going to take twice as much time to yield a jug of juice.

It requires some prep and cutting

The juicer is unable to break huge chunks of harder and bigger vegetables and fruits which is why you will need some extra prep and cutting before using the extractor.

Let’s compare it with OMEGA J8006 and SKG Masticating Juicers

omega j8006 best juice for weight loss
white skg best masticating juicer


The NUTRIHOME cold press juicer runs at 80 RPMs while OMEGA J8006 runs at the same speed too. So, fairly saying, they would produce the same quality of juice (little oxidation and little foaming)

In terms of speed, SKG masticating juicer is the winner among 3 juicers as it runs at slower speed of 60 RPMs.

Winner: The best masticating juicer regarding speed rate goes to SKG Juicer.


NUTRIHOME juicer weighs only about 11lbs, while SKG is 16lb heavy and OMEGA J8006 weighs up to 17lb.

Winner: The lightest juicer is NUTRIHOME juicer.

Easiness to use and clean:

Personally, I prefer SKG Juicer compared to the other 2 masticating juicers because its chute is bigger, and the material is transparent, so I know clearly whether it is clean yet or not.

Winner: SKG Masticating Juicer


So far, all three masticating juicers gave us good experience with no part breakdowns or mal-function.

So I think, they’re tie here!

Prepping time before juicing:

I gave more points for SKG Masticating Juicer as it saves me more time in processing and chopping food. As the chutes from NUTRIHOME and OMEGA J8006 are smaller in size, I need to do a lot of cutting to make it into smaller pieces.

Winner: For sure, SKG Masticating Juicer

The cost:

Last but not least, this is something that we buyers care about as well.

It costs me only more than 100 bucks to buy a NUTRIHOME juicers, while 200 bucks for OMEGA J8006 and 300 bucks for SKG Masticating Juicer (SKG Masticating Juicer is pretty pricy, but it pays off in terms of food quality and machine durability)

Winner: The bang for the buck for the best masticating juicer surely is NUTRIHOME.

Even though, these disadvantages can always be ignored as they are way too less than the benefits of the NUTRIHOME extractor. Although, it’s totally up to you whichever juicer you think is best for you. Just make sure you go through these reviews before actually getting the juicer. It will certainly erase your doubts and suspicions for sure.

Eating fruits and vegetables regularly is really effective for your entire body. The fruits and vegetables are not only advantageous for the skin but are also effective for keeping your immune system healthy and digestive tract fit.

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What's good?

  • check
    It can minimize the oxidation
  • check
    It is less noisy than the other ones
  • check
    It is completely certified
  • check
    It consumes less energy
  • check
    It is very easy to clean and assemble
  • check
    It is completely durable and reliable
  • check
    Components are BPA-free

Bad stuff?

  • check
    It requires long processing time
  • check
    It requires more time on cutting and prepping
  • check
    It requires cool down time


PRICE: $119.99

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