Top 3 most delicious Rambutan vs Lychee meals

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Earlier, we have talked about the benefits of rambutan vs lychee. And definitely, they can bring many outstanding benefits to our bodies. As noted in Dr Health Benefits, rambutan can lower cholesterol levels and reduce the risks of heart disease. Today, we would like to bring these fruits into your kitchen with some easy recipes for delicious dishes.

Excellent recipes for Rambutan vs lychee​

Rambutan and lychee used to be two most once rare fruits, but now have become one of the two most popular Asian fruits. They surely capture hearts of many people not only because of their own fresh juicy taste, but also because of their nutritional value. If you want to change the way to enjoy these fruits, here are a few recipes of both Asian fruits for the whole family.

Rambutan vs lychee- Main course:

Let’s start with some chicken stew with rambutan. This new and unique Asian style soup is a combination in sweetness of rambutan and flavorful softly-cooked chicken.

chicken stew with rambutan


1/3 lb, rambutan

1 lb, chicken thighs

1 tbsp, soy sauce, paste

1 tsp, garlic & onion, minced

1 tsp, sugar, salt, and seasoning

1 tsp, cooking oil

2 cups, chicken broth or water

1 tsp, flour

How to cook it?

First of all, you need to wash thoroughly chicken legs, then remove their bones, and marinate chicken with 1 tablespoon of soy sauce for 5 minutes.

To prepare for this Asian fruit, you can wash the rambutan fruit, peel it, and take out the seeds.

Next, heat up the pan and lightly pan fry the chicken thighs.

Marinate the lightly fried chicken with salt, sugar, seasonings.

In the pot, stir fry some garlic and onion with cooking oil, and later add chicken to stir fry in 1 minute.

Add the chicken broth or even just water into the pot, next add rambutan fruit and cook it until mildy soft, add a little flour to the water, and lastly, season the soup as how you want it to taste like.

Serve the chicken soup hot in the bowl, and it’s time to enjoy it with bread or rice!

I can say, if you do not like rambutan fruit, you can try the same recipe with lychee fruit. And I believe, it would taste as delicious as the other one.

Rambutan vs lychee- Drinks

rambutan drink

Source: Internet

You can easily make sweet drinks with rambutan. This drink is so healthy and refreshing that no one in your family will say no to it.

First, we need to wash thoroughly the rambutan, peel off the shell, take out the seeds carefully so that the “meat” will not get smashed or mushy.

Then, put water into the pot and put sugar in with the level of sweetness as you like, then boil the mixture of sugar water. Stir evenly until all the sugar dissolves, and turn off the stove and remind the pot down.

Soak rambutan fruit into that water mixture in 60 minutes.

After that, pour that mixture into the jar and close it tightly with the lid.

Let it sit in hot water in another 1 hour. Then, you can take them out, soak them in cold water in 20 minutes.

After that, you can preserve the rambutan drinks in the cooler or in the dry cool place and can be used gradually in around a year.

Just pour them out, serve with ice and you can simply enjoy this tasty mildy sweet drink.

To enjoy lychee sweet desserts, you can check out here. I personally cannot decide the yummy-ness of rambutan vs lychee because they are equally delicious and amazingly refreshing!

These foods of rambutan vs lychee can absolutely help you enjoy this sweet summer even more, and not saying that they are both very healthy to our bodies.

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